Farming, for Beginners

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  • Fix the first section of fence in 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Avoid being hit by the bull

Farming, for Beginners

Another day of ranching life. This time John learns to build a fence and helps tame a rogue bull.

Rewards: $3

Hammer time

Dickens asks for help building a fence. John doesn't know much about fences. Dickens questions all these ranch things John can't do but was able to take on a gang of robbers by himself. Everyone has their peculiarities. John again explains his back story: his wife was cheated out of an inheritance and they got in a legal dispute. Dickens doesn't quite believe it. John says he can't tell him what to believe but he will work hard.

Dickens gives up and tells John to help him with the fence. They get the first post in and Dickens says there are a lot more. He gives John the hammer. Pound the post into the ground so it won't come out. Next John grabs a rail and you are told to place it into the holes on both sides of the opening. Repeat for all three rails then go to the next post. Pick it up and pound it into the ground. Dickens has other work to do. He'll count sections when John is done.


Cinematics show John spending the day building the fence. You are left to place one last rail as Dickens calls out. Finish placing the rail and go over to the corral. Dickens, Angus Geddes - another son, and one other are trying to move a bull. Most John knows about bulls is to not make them mad. With that said Dickens ends up hitting it and the bull bucks loose, almost kicking Dickens, dropping Angus to the ground, and sending the unknown worker flying over the fence.

Use your lasso to capture the bull. It breaks through fences and tries to charge you. Keep clear and get it roped. Eventually you are able to calm it down. When it is John brings the bull to the stable where the three men are waiting. They are all okay. They help get the bull into a stall and walk off. They'll make a rancher of John yet.

If you complete this mission before Fatherhood, for Beginners, you'll see the family having breakfast the next morning. Abigail says she is going to work cleaning the doctor's office. She says goodbye and walks out. John tells Jack to clean up the house and goes outside too.

If you complete this mission after Fatherhood, for Beginners, you'll see a commotion by the barn. This leads into Old Habits.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy.
  • Quickly pound the fence post into the ground. For the rails simply raise or lower it until you are able to insert it. You need to maneuver both ends. The center rail requires no movement.
  • Stay to the side of the bull. If you see it ready to charge, move next to or behind it. Getting dragged by the lasso does not count. You won't be able to stop the bull until it gets near the stables. Get the lasso on and calm it until the cutscene plays.