Fatherhood, for Idiots

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  • Kill all 3 enemies in Dead Eye
  • After the confrontation, return to Pronghorn Ranch within 1 minute 30 seconds

Fatherhood, for Idiots

A nice father-son trip into town takes a bad turn when people recognize John. Hopefully they can settle things like gentlemen.


Delivery boy

Abigail and Jack are in the cabin. Jack is busy reading. John isn't sure about this life. He's used to rustling horses not raising them. Abigail mentions there is a ranch for sale called Beecher's Hope near Blackwater. They could raise some money and get loans for the rest. John reminds her he has a price on his head. She knows. She also knows every time they start doing okay John returns to his old routine. She was simply dreaming. John is doing better this time.

Dickens comes knocking and says Geddes needs John to use his wagon and pick up mail in Strawberry. John tells Jack to come with him since he's getting soft. Abigail says she should have a parcel waiting that contains a dress. Might be in his name. There are two parcels in each of their names but only one should have come in by now. They walk outside. Abigail is worried about Jack becoming a man but John says he's only going to teach him to drive the wagon.

Go to Strawberry. If you completed Jim Milton Rides, Again? Jack will ask if his father killed the men from the other night. Abigail said something about pride. Otherwise Jack thinks his father isn't happy being here. It's difficult to explain. John changes the subject and convinces Jack to take the reins. He gives him pointers on driving the wagon. Cinematics take you most of the way there. Entering Strawberry John takes the reins again so park at the Post Office. He says this is the longest he's seen Jack without a book in his hands - his mistake for forgetting it. Jack will wait with the wagon.

What's in a name?

Arriving at the Post Office John gets off the wagon. Go inside to collect the mail. Speak with the clerk who asks for John's name. Jim Milton. The clerk searches for any mail with that name but has nothing. Try John Marston. As the clerk looks around again, a man in the corner perks up. He turns and walks out. The clerk finds nothing again. Abigail Roberts? Yes. One parcel. John mentions he is here to pick up items for Pronghorn Ranch. The clerk says they have a bunch of items and to sign a paper.

John takes the first few items outside and the clerk follows with the rest. They put the items in the wagon and John thanks him. Jack asks if everything is alright. John hopes so. Jack is given the reins to take them home. He questions why they are going back to the ranch and not doing anything else. John tells him to focus on the road. You can tell him to go faster or slower. A man in a graveyard stares at you but nothing happens.

Ahead on the left John notices a man next to a horse. As they pass the man gets on and follows. Jack wonders what's wrong but John says nothing is wrong. They continue across small bridges which gets Jack a little nervous. John tells him not to worry. Ahead on the left two more men are on horseback. They join the first following the wagon. Jack figures it out but John tells him to stay calm and not look around. Jack is told to stop the wagon at a fallen tree ahead and hide.

In the crossfire

At the tree John helps Jack get off and hide behind the tree. He is told to wait here until told otherwise. John grabs his gun and confronts the men. They just want to have a chat. They ask if he's John Marston. You can defuse or antagonize the leader - or kill all three. Getting through the conversation, the leader says John killed his brother a few months ago at Roanoke Ridge. John says the brother was trying to rob him. The men begin shooting so take out the posse.

When they are dead return to Jack. John hugs him and says it's okay. He pushes Jack back onto the wagon and jumps on himself. Finish the ride back to Pronghorn Ranch. Jack, looking at the bodies, gets upset. John tells him to compose himself. You can encourage or reprimand him. John changes the subject to Beecher's Hope. Ranching life might not be so bad. They'd be cleaning up after horses that belonged to them.


Park in front of the cabin. Abigail comes out to greet them but Jack pushes by while running inside. John tries to explain how they got shot at by some people that must have known him. Abigail is of course upset that her son was involved in a gun fight. John says her dress caused the problem. Abigail informs him it wasn't a dress, it was a gift for John.

If you completed this mission before Jim Milton Rides, Again? you'll find John working the next day. He hears the voice of Arthur telling him to do one thing or the other. Don't be two people. He ponders a little bit.

If you completed this mission after Jim Milton Rides, Again? it will lead directly into Motherhood.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy up until the end.
  • Make sure you have Dead Eye or an item to replenish it. You can visit the General Store and buy chewing tobacco if needed. Replays actually give you some for once.
  • For those that are impatient, you can tell Jack to go as fast as possible without issue.
  • You do not need to kill all three enemies in one Dead Eye. You can use quick Dead Eye bursts to kill each one individually.
  • On the wagon follow the path in purple above to get back to Pronghorn as fast as possible. You do not need to worry about items falling out but you can't destroy the wagon or get caught on trees or rocks.