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John gets two unexpected letters. While one is from an old friend, the other is from someone close. John needs to get himself together to build a future.



John is tending to a horse when Abe comes over and says there's a telegram messenger by the house for him. Go get the telegram. John doesn't know what it's for but he doubts it's a big pile of money. Greet the messenger who has John sign for the telegram. John thanks him and reads it. It's from Sadie Adler who hopes this is the Jim Milton she knows. Sadie has work for him with good pay. John is to meet her at the saloon in Valentine.

Go to the house to speak with Abigail. Inside there is no one. John finds a letter on the table from Abigail. It was written with help from another woman in the village. She has men problems of her own but that's not the point. Abigail loves John but she can't stick around with all this trouble he keeps finding. Same for their son. John is going to end up like the others. Abigail can't bear to watch that.

John is distraught they left him. He pulls the parcel out from under Jack's bed. It has a shirt in it. Dickens enters and says he saw Abigail and Jack leaving with their bags. He asks if she caught John with a show girl or heard about the men he shot near Strawberry. John says he was defending himself. He's a family man and doesn't think his marriage is of Dickens' concern. Dickens gives up and says they got plenty of work to do. John isn't leaving. He wants to give Abigail what she wants: that land in Beecher's Hope. Dickens tells John to keep busy to take his mind off it.

Working hard

Return to work. You can milk a cow, clean the stalls, or fix the fence. Pick one and begin. Cinematics show John completing the other tasks over the course of a week. A few months later John is helping Abe load bails into a wagon. Dickens says he was wrong about him. He turned into a good worker. John asks to speak with Geddes to get some guidance. Dickens has no problem with that.

Go to Gedes' house. Angus answers the door and gets his father. Mr. Geddes comes out and is glad to get away from his wife's morning rant about his faults. John can relate. He talks to Geddes about the work he has done at the ranch and asks if Geddes could put in a good word at the bank so they'll give him a loan. Geddes agrees. He tells John to speak with Ansel Atherton who is a distant cousin. John thanks him. Geddes says he was young and dumb once too. John will get Abigail back.

Excited for the help, John returns to his cabin. He pulls a box out from under his bed. Inside is some familiar clothing. John walks out with his new outfit and mounts up. He rides out towards adventure as "Cruel, Cruel World" by Willie Nelson plays.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time and run to each location. John will only jog.
  • For the ranch work, run to milk the cow which is straight ahead towards the left. Climb over the pen fence and out the gate on the other side.
  • Quickly milk the cow just as previously done.