Jim Milton Rides, Again?

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  • Get 10 kills while dual wielding sidearms
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Jim Milton Rides, Again?

Laramie boys raid Pronghorn Ranch and steal some cattle. John, Dickens, and Abe ride out to Hanging Dog Ranch to get them back but it will take more than words for the gang to hand them over.

Rewards: Arthur's Weapons

Job security

Mr. and Mrs. Geddes are next to the stable. Mr. Geddes calls John over and asks about the recent incident. He's a little worried since he has a lot invested in the ranch including his family. John will protect them. Speaking of family, John goes to check on his. He finds Abigail and Jack inside the cabin with Abigail setting the table for dinner. They sit down for a meal and John jokes he misses Pearson. Afterwards they all go to bed.

During the night a gunshot wakes them up. John knows he has a job to do. He puts on his boots and tells Abigail to lock the door. More gunshots are heard. Outside a man on horseback runs by throwing fire bottles. Abe tells John there are two men by the stalls who have Dickens. Go find Tom Dickens. He's behind a fire being beat up along with another man who gets killed. When John approaches they turn their attention to him and a fist fight begins.

Beat up the assailants to protect Dickens. When they are dead Mr. Geddes comes over. He says they killed Mr. Tolbert and stole some cattle. Dickens is okay thanks to John and thinks Mr. Abel is definitely behind this. Geddes tells Dickens and John to get their guns and go after the cattle. John questions the guns part but Mr. Geddes explains he doesn't care what John used to do or what his name is. He needs John's help. This is the land of second chances.

John runs to his cabin and Abigail lets him in. He tells her about the cattle and pulls a box from under his bed. He checks out his weapons while Abigail questions what he's doing - his job. With his arsenal retrieved, John runs outside and mounts his horse. Dickens and Abe are waiting on theirs. Ride towards Hanging Dog Ranch. John will lead the way. This should be the last they hear of the Laramies.

Cattle repo

Go to the highlighted area southwest of the ranch. They'll go in by foot from here. The trio dismount. John sees the cows and uses binoculars to scout the guards. They move up for a better look. John lays out the plan. He'll go straight in, Dickens will go high to provide cover, and Abe will flank them from the rear. They run off and John begins walking to the ranch.

Confront the ranchers. John calls out to them. Four guards assemble and say if John is here to make a deal then he's too late. John is here to take the cattle back. They tell John to leave but that's not happening so they begin to shoot. Take out the ranchers. There are ten around the ranch including one on the windmill to the left. Another runs out of the house. Kill most of them and four additional ranchers pour out of the barn plus one above the door. Two others appear from the right side among the crates.

Silence of the Laramies

When they are all dead a voice is heard yelling about Jim Milton and his wife. Abe recognizes the voice as the leader that shot at his feet. John will handle him. Abe and Dickens are told to get the cattle. Search the barn. When you enter John calls out. Keep moving and John gets tackled from behind. Break free and beat up the last rancher. Unlike the previous encounter, he puts up a good fight his time.

When you knock him down he'll pull a Sawed-Off Shotgun but John kicks it away. He gives the man another punch and picks up the weapon. The rancher runs his mouth about Abigail and how he'd let her in his bed if she cleans the stink of John off her first. John aims the shotgun in a familiar pose and you are left to pull the trigger. Shoot him dead and John tosses the weapon. You can pick it up if you wish.

There are weapons located around the area including a Pump-Action Shotgun at the outhouse, a Litchfield Repeater upstairs in the house, and a Springfield Rifle up in the barn. Next to the barn is a weapon buried under crates so you are unable to get it. You can also loot the house if you wish and get the same items found previously including cigarette cards and money. A few other items are among the various crates in the area.

Go outside and mount your horse. Ride back to Pronghorn Ranch. Dickens and Abe are sitting next to the pens. They praise John for saving the place. Geddes comes over to say the same. John doesn't think they'll be back tonight but Abe is told to stay up just in case. Geddes thanks John. They all walk off. Back at the cabin John is confronted by Abigail's angry facial expressions. What was he supposed to do? Abigail and Jack return to sleeping in their beds.

If you completed this mission before Fatherhood, for Idiots you'll find John working the next day. He hears the voice of Arthur telling him to do one thing or the other. Don't be two people. He ponders a little bit. If you didn't loot Hanging Dog Ranch during the mission you can return and there will be no one guarding it.

If you completed this mission after Fatherhood, for Idiots it will lead directly into Motherhood. If you didn't loot Hanging Dog Ranch during the mission you can return and there will be no one guarding it.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy throughout.
  • The men beating Dickens shouldn't be too hard to kill. Focus on one at a time. You should be able to use beat repeatedly.
  • Select dual wield before walking up to the ranchers. Use it throughout the fight unless you keep good track of the kills.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots.
  • There are around 18 enemies to headshot. Work quickly to stay ahead of Dickens and Abe.
  • You can get four easy headshots (while dual wielding) if you let the first group of ranchers gather before you start shooting. Use Dead Eye to paint a target on each's head then fire. This can eat up Dead Eye, though.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll want to take out the enemies as quickly as possible.
  • There is plenty of cover for both sides.
  • The last rancher puts up a good fight so remember to use block. Grappling does not work so stick with punches. If you find yourself losing health try to walk backwards away from him until John's vision clears.