Honor, Amongst Thieves

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  • Recover the vaccine without being detected
  • Complete within 5 minutes

Honor, Amongst Thieves

Colonel Favours is stopping vaccines from reaching the Wapiti tribe so Arthur will help recover them for Captain Monroe.


Note: This is an optional mission (accepted during Archeology for Beginners) but will show in the Rockstar Games Social Club as missing if not done. It will automatically fill in after completing the game's story.

Hilltop hospital

Captain Monroe is helping some of the sick Natives. He was sent here to oversee the distribution of vaccines but Colonel Favours is withholding them. Now the wagon is being diverted. Monroe doesn't know exactly why Favours is doing this but he's trying to find out. Favours knows he is trying too. The plight of the Natives lights a fire under Arthur who wants to find the wagon. Monroe cautions him but to no effect.

Get on your horse and follow Captain Monroe. He knows a place they should be able to intercept the wagon. Monroe says he was sent down here to produce a report on the situation, not help the Natives the way he is. Favours' actions may be a self defense effort. If he can get the Natives to attack, it puts him in a better light. Monroe tells Arthur to be discrete since they don't want more conflict. He mentions Eagle Flies is imprisoned at nearby Fort Wallace and they are trying to set up a meeting.

Arthur is to only steal the vaccines, not the whole wagon or that could make things much worse. Favours didn't have the best record during the war so he is likely looking for anything that could improve his image before retiring. Monroe goes up a ridge overlooking the road below. Dismount and go to the edge. Monroe points out where the wagon should come from. Arthur asks why Monroe doesn't tell the government about Favours and save them all this trouble but is told it doesn't work like that. They spot the wagon approaching in the distance. Monroe takes off.


Stop the wagon however you wish. Shoot them from the ridge, shoot them from the road, threaten them then shoot, or jump on and hope they don't see you. Whichever method you choose, get on the back of the wagon and search the crates for medicine. With boxes in hand go back to Captain Monroe at the reservation. He is glad Arthur got the medicine and hopes Favours thinks it was bandits. Arthur is still quite a bandit. They could both be killed for this but it's worth it. He thanks Arthur and continues to help the sick.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time getting to your horse and following Monroe.
  • When the wagon is approaching, grab your horse and go west (towards the wagon). Circle down to the road to get right behind it. Move up along the right side and jump on when able (be careful of the bend in the road, you can jump on after). In the back of the wagon search the crate as quickly as possible. When you have the medicine jump off. You should be able to get off before the intersection where they turn right. Then quickly mount your horse and ride back to the reservation as fast as possible.
  • Note the horse you get in replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on it.