Gainful Employment

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  • After arriving in Strawberry, locate the bounty within 30 seconds
  • After mounting your horse, catch and hogtie the bounty within 1 minute 15 seconds

Gainful Employment

John visits Sadie who is now employed as a bounty hunter. The two catch up with each other and then catch up with an accountant who's been stealing money.

Rewards: $60 toward loans

Big talk

Inside the saloon Sadie is having a not-so-nice conversation with two men. One of them is named Bubba. She tells them to leave her alone but when that fails she stabs Bubba's hand into the bar and smashes a glass into the face of the other. John intervenes and tells them to get out before Sadie kills all of them. They finally do. Sadie and John have a hug and return to the bar. Apparently John didn't do a good job of hiding his identity. Sadie asks about the man killed in Roanoke. She figured it was him and his family.

Abigail and Jack are good. John is looking to become a farmer in Beecher's Hope. Sadie has been doing a lot of bounty hunting and asks if John is interested. Not really but she mentions it's legal so John agrees. Sadie exits the saloon and mounts her horse. They are going to Strawberry to catch a guy on the run from New York. He's an accountant who stole money from a bank. John mounts up too.


Follow Sadie. John asks about the discussion she mentioned in the telegram. Aside from bounties, she heard of someone similar to Micah about a year ago. They both remember what they said they would do if the found him. Sadie wasn't sure she'd see everyone again. Last she knew John had gone to the Yukon. Obviously he didn't strike it rich up there. John will make different comments depending if you completed Home of the Gentry? before this or not.

Cinematics take you into Strawberry. John and Sadie dismount. She tells John to see what he can find. Their target is named Nathan Kirk. Banker, balding, 45 years old. John is told to head up the hill. Sadie will go across the creek. Ask around town for information about Nathan. You can question or threaten people. They'll point you to the General Store or Post Office. When you speak to the clerks at either they will point you to the Welcome Center next to the Sheriff's Office. Go there.

Sadie will find you and say Nathan is in the Welcome Center. John is told to flush him out. Sadie will get the horses and grab Nathan if he runs out. Inside and man is to the right. It's the hotel owner who says Nathan is in Room #3. Go upstairs. Note there is a chest at the top of the stairs and Room #1 is open for looting. At Room #3 John knocks and calls out to Mr. Kirk who is heard inside. Kick the door open and you'll see him hop off the balcony.

On the run

Chase after Nathan Kirk. When you get to the railing John looks down and sees Sadie getting up from the ground as Nathan rides off on a horse. John makes a comment and is told to shut up. Climb over the railing and hop down onto your horse. Ride out with Sadie who reminds you they need him taken alive. Watch out for a wagon coming towards you that drops logs. Nathan will leave the road and Sadie tells John to stay on him. They'll meet on the other side.


Nathan runs through the timber company property and Sadie misses her chance to catch him. Keep chasing. He scares a flock of sheep so be careful as they run across the road. Down by the river and large railroad bridge Nathan's horse begins to tire. Catch up and lasso him off. Hogtie Nathan and put him on Sadie's horse. He says he is innocent and his wife is a desperate woman. She made him do bad things.

Sadie asks John where to send the money when she gets it. His answer depends on if you completed Home of the Gentry? or not. At least now he has a boss. Sadie has plenty more bounties to catch and John needs the money. She can be found in the saloon in Blackwater. They shake hands and Sadie rides off.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy leaving Valentine.
  • In Strawberry run straight to the Welcome Center at the top of the hill towards the left. Run inside and break the camera away from the hotel owner in order to run upstairs. Go to the right and Room #3 is the left door. Kick it in as soon as you can.
  • Quickly hop the railing to the left and drop down above your horse so John falls onto it. Catch up to Nathan as fast as you can following the path in purple above. You can cut a few corners during the first leg. After coming down along the rocks, cut to the right while Nathan rides out a little farther. Try to lasso him there or wait until you get closer to the road and Sadie. He zigzags a little so you should be able to catch up by going in a straight line.
  • The time limit to catch Nathan is in the forest just past the train tracks. You should be able to catch him before the tracks.
  • You cannot shoot Nathan's horse to stop him. Nathan will fall off and die.
  • You can crash into him, though. The horse may die but Nathan should survive.
  • Be careful while going through the timber company property. There are numerous rocks and tree stumps that can trip your horse or cause it to jump over them which slows you down.
  • Once you get Nathan stopped quickly hogtie him to stop the clock.