The Landowning Classes

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The Landowning Classes

John goes to the bank in Blackwater to try and get a loan. Hopefully Mr. Geddes' contact will help him out.

Rewards: None

American Dream

Walk inside the bank and speak with the clerk. John says he is a friend of Mr. Geddes and is here to speak with Mr. Atherton. The clerk points him to the office ahead. Walk over and John knocks on the doorway. He tells Atherton he wants a loan and line of credit to buy Beecher's Hope. Atherton says it's a dump but John isn't much of a rancher anyway - an interesting way to ask for a loan. John says his name is Marston but people call him Milton as a joke. People like Mr. Geddes who said Atherton could help him.

Atherton puts everything John just told him in perspective: A man with two names that wants to buy a ranch but isn't a rancher. John gives up and begins to walk away. Atherton stops him and says they can work something out. They'll expect regular payments but John doesn't have a solid way to do that so the terms won't be great. If Geddes recommended him then they can make a deal.

Atherton explains that if John falls behind on payments the land will revert back to the bank no matter how much he paid them already. John agrees to that. Atherton tells him to check out the land while he draws up the contracts and talks to Geddes. He also mentions there are squatters on the property so John will need to clear them out. No problem. John walks out.

Gold Tips

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