Of Men and Angels - I & II

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Of Men and Angels - I & II

Sister Calderon is continuing her work with the poor of St. Denis and would like to get helpful donations.


Note: Part I is speaking with Calderon. Part II is donating to her. This mission is not available after The Fine Art of Conversation.

A good cause

Sister Calderon is collecting donations outside the big church in St. Denis. She says Brother Dorkins is trying to get sent overseas for more of a challenge as a missionary. As for Arthur, he is doing... fine. Calderon tells him she used to be like him doing terrible things. Then one day she saw that love existed and doing bad things seems ridiculous. People's hearts are rarely pure and similarly rarely impure. There are people starving so Arthur should get them food. Calderon will still think of Arthur as a bad man if he wishes.

You are put back in control of Arthur. Donate $10 or four items of food to Sister Calderon. Whatever you give, Sister Calderon is thankful. The donation will go to good use.