Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - I

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  • There is no medal or replay for this mission

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - I

Sadie wants to take out remaining O'Driscolls and could use a hand. Arthur may not be so willing to throw himself into a fight.

Rewards: None

Blood lust

Sadie is practicing with throwing knives at the edge of camp. She needs help to finish off the O'Driscolls at Hanging Dog Ranch. Arthur saw Colm swing and doesn't really care about the O'Driscolls anymore. Sadie tells him he's the only one she trusts. You are given the option to help or not. If not, Arthur tells her that revenge is a fool's game. He's sorry and Sadie mounts her horse. Arthur does want help from her but not for his own gain. She needs to help John, Abigail, and Jack get out. Sadie agrees and rides off.

If accepted, Arthur tells Sadie she needs to help John, Abigail, and Jack get out when this all comes to an end. He falls short of saying when he's gone himself. Arthur and others are ghosts. John and his family have a chance still. Sadie agrees to help them and is thankful for Arthur's help. Choose to go with her now or to meet her at Hanging Dog Ranch. If you choose now a cutscene will play and Arthur wakes up just outside the ranch with Sadie looking out. Otherwise you need to ride across the map to her.

Gold Tips

  • None