Just a Social Call

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  • Headshot 3 mounted enemies
  • After killing Cornwall, reach the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Just a Social Call

Since the gang is near Cornwall's latest investment, Dutch decides to try and work out a deal that will set them free. Assuming Cornwall is willing to cooperate.


Power moves

Micah comes out of a cabin and scares Arthur. Dutch walks up and says Micah thinks there is a rat in the gang since the Pinkertons showed up so quickly in Lakay. Arthur reminds them they've been on the run since the Blackwater job. The gang has been getting sloppier in their actions which is why they can be found so easily. Micah suggests cutting the weak ones and starting over but Dutch won't have that.

They are in Annesburg to find Cornwall. Arthur doesn't want another revenge mission but they say it's for money, not revenge. Sounds familiar. They head out towards the river. Follow Dutch who explains Cornwall is the reason Hosea was killed. He has a firm grip on this town among his other assets that are destroying people's lives. Micah says they are going to cut a deal to get Cornwall and the Pinkertons off their back. Again, sounds familiar. Cornwall should be in soon. At the end of the dock hide behind a crate.

Eventually Cornwall's boat - the Malvina - arrives. Mr. Cornwall and his not-so-special guests Agents Milton and Ross appear. Cornwall isn't too happy with the service he is getting from the Pinkertons considering how much money he has given to them. He wants Dutch van der Linde and doesn't care about laws. The agents walk off. With that out of the way, Cornwall turns to his next piece of business. He asks a Mr. Didsbury about a strike. Didsbury mentions wages but Cornwall doesn't want to hear it. Dutch spots one of Cornwall's men walking with papers and signals Micah to follow him.

In a surprise move, Dutch interrupts the conversation. Dutch explains to Cornwall how they are not so different. Both kill. Both rob. The difference is Dutch chooses his victims. Cornwall destroys everything in his way. Dutch offers a deal: if Cornwall gives him the boat and $10,000 he'll let Cornwall live. Cornwall laughs so Dutch shoots him. The fight is on.

Going up

Escape with Dutch. Three guards are in front of you with one moving onto the dock towards the right. Kill them and Pinkertons will come from the land side. There are three but two more join from the left. Wipe them out. Dutch says they need to find Micah and the guy with the papers. Keep moving as more guards appear. One is on the water tower and others come from the tipple building. Two guards are up high with backup to take their place. Kill them and keep moving towards the tipple.


Micah is struggling on top of the stairs but pushes the guard over the railing. He got the papers, though. Finish killing the remaining guards and move up to him. Follow Dutch and Micah up through the building as more guards appear along the way. Fight your way to the end. At the conveyor belt there is one ahead and three off to the left along the cliff. Kill them and keep moving up. In the last part of the building are two guards. Beyond that are six more among the crates and to the left. Wipe them all out. There is an oil wagon that can knock them down if you need it.

Wild ride

Dutch sees a stagecoach to the right and tells his men to cut the horses free. Go over to them. While they each cut a horse Micah says at least they tried to talk it out. Arthur comments on how well it worked. Dutch says it wasn't his fault. Follow them into the hills but the fight isn't over yet. Kill the pursuers. Two are on the left just up the hill. Dutch and Micah dodge right but around the bend two more appear.

They go through the trees but two pursuers are riding up at the next road. A little farther up that road two more are waiting at an intersection. Making a left, go across the river and follow the shoreline. One pursuer is ahead in the river. Going right there are two with one from each side of the river. Kill them and the heat is lost. Dutch and Micah continue tredging through the river for a short distance and then exit to the left.

They find a place to stop and Dutch checks on his men. Arthur continues to rant about not needing this kind of attention. Micah gives Dutch the papers he acquired. They state that Cornwall has signed contracts with the Army. They will be moving dynamite from Annesburg to St. Denis to sell off. There are also bonds at the oil factory. Dutch thinks they can get money and the attention off them at the same time.

Micah, Bill, and Arthur will look into the dynamite. Dutch and Micah will need to discuss things later. Arthur questions what that is about and is told it's their plan for getting out. Micah tells Arthur there is an old house west of Van Horn and to meet him there. They all split up.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective but for the most part you need to shoot and move quickly.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Try to save up for the mounted escape.
  • There is no accuracy objective but again you want to be quick.
  • Quickly take out all enemies between the docks and the horses. Dutch and Micah are quite useful but you'll need to help clear a path to keep them moving. Try to stay ahead but you need to be close to them.
  • Similarly for the escape on horseback, you need to be quick or else Micah and Dutch can get the enemies before you do. There are 11 enemies during the final escape but you'll only have a chance at half of them.
  • Note the horse doesn't respond well to your controls at times. Certain parts such as cutting through the trees it will follow a defined path. It also has difficulty when you are firing backwards.