Money Lending and Other Sins - VI & VII

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  • There is no medal or replay for this mission

Money Lending and Other Sins - VI

The gang may be having issues but there is still business to conduct. Strauss has more debtors that are past due.


Note: This is an optional mission string. Part VI is collecting the debts. Part VII is talking with Strauss afterwards.

Only getting harder

Strauss asks how Arthur is doing. Not dead yet. He apologizes but Arthur gets to the point with Strauss. First is a deserter from Fort Wallace named J. John Weathers. He should be out near Three Sisters. Next is a miner in Annesburg named Arthur Londonderry. He's a desperate family man. Strauss tried to get other gang members to collect the debts but they lack Arthur's vigor. Knowing it's on him, Arthur walks off.


Unlike previous versions of this mission, these two debtors are done in order.

J. John Weathers

J. John Weathers is east of Moonstone Pond. Arthur finds him fixing a wagon wearing a military uniform and what looks like a Native American necklace. Weathers says he goes by the name Snow Goose now. He offers his supplies for the debt but asks for help saying men are after him. He isn't a deserter he's an objector. Arthur only wants the debt but voices are heard nearby. Soldiers have found Weathers who tells Arthur he may want to leave. Arthur reluctantly agrees to help.

There are six soldiers that ride up on horseback and take cover behind the rocks. They shoot the lantern on the wagon and light it on fire. Wipe them out and go back to J. John Weathers. Weathers looks in despair at the burning wagon and supplies. He calls out to another person. A Native woman appears from behind a rock and they embrace each other. Arthur feels a little bad.

Weathers offers a silver locket for the debt. You have the option to take it or absolve the debt. Absolving will have Arthur tell Weathers to keep the locket and get the woman somewhere safe. Weathers is thankful and they ride off. If you choose to take it the debt is recovered with a similar outcome. Either way you can still loot the soldiers.

Arthur Londonderry

Arthur Londonderry should be in the mine at Annesburg. When you get there question the guard about him. The guard says talk to the foreman in the pit. Walk into the mine to question the foreman who is near the middle. The foreman - knowing why Arthur is looking for him - laughs at him saying Londonderry died. He can try to get money from his widow down near Butcher Creek but he might not be the first one. Arthur tells him he should be ashamed but the foreman reminds Arthur he's the one trying to get the money.

Ride out to Mrs. Londonderry northeast of Butcher Creek. She can be found on the front porch telling her son to pack up for an adventure. The son doesn't want an adventure. He wants his father. Speak with the widow. She isn't pleased to see this Arthur and says they have nothing left to give. Someone is already taking their house away so what else does he want?

You are given the option to absolve the debt or absolve it and give Mrs. Londonderry some money. Arthur will give her $55. Either way he tells her the debt is absolved. She thanks Arthur and wishes him and Strauss did business differently - like not threatening people. Arthur apologizes. Go back to camp and confront Strauss.


Speaking with Strauss, the small talk doesn't last long. Arthur drags Strauss over to his tent. Grabbing a bag, Arthur shoves some items in while telling Strauss he's not going to kill him but probably should. Arthur then throws the debt book into the ground and pushes Strauss out while saying to get a job. Both of them are not decent people. The debtors are. Arthur tosses $50 at Strauss and tells him to leave. Strauss quietly walks away as the rest of the gang looks on.

Gold Tips

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