The Course of True Love - V

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  • Headshot 5 of the Braithwaites as they pursue the train
  • Complete within 7 minutes 30 seconds

The Course of True Love - V

The southern lovebirds want to run away from their families and the region. The families won't let them go easily, though.

Rewards: Penelope's Bracelet, loot

Note: This is an optional mission but will show in the Rockstar Games Social Club as missing if not done. It will automatically fill in after completing the game's story.

Heading north

Go to the cabins behind the Braithwaite mansion. Note you may attract the attention of a few Braithwaites so be ready to fight them off. If you haven't done so already, you can explore the ruins of the mansion to find the charred body of Catherine near the front. You can loot her brooch if you wish. There is also a burned photograph near the back but you can't see anything.

Penelope is at the northernmost cabin by the cove. She is happy to see Arthur but tells him Ms. Calhoon was killed. She isn't sure who did it but it could have been her cousins or Beau's. Both are monsters. Penelope needs a ride to the train station to meet Beau. He couldn't come get her because one or both of them might be lynched. They are fleeing to Boston.

Get on your horse and take Penelope to Rhodes Station. Beau has been going to the station almost every day waiting for Penelope to show up. Today will hopefully be the day. Penelope has been under a watchful eye by her family. All the killings on both sides didn't help anything. Those left alive are just more angry. Arthur tells her to keep going and don't look back. Make something decent of their lives.


Arriving at the station Penelope sees Beau waiting at the entrance. She asks Arthur to ride with them for at least one stop. He agrees. Go meet Beau. He's thrilled to see Penelope again and asks how they can repay him. Some jewels would be nice. Penelope asks Arthur to buy the tickets since they can't be seen. Once again he agrees. They'll meet him on the platform.

The Grays

Go to the clerk and buy tickets from the station. Arthur requests three to St. Denis. The clerk - Alden - remembers Arthur and hands him three tickets. He's doing okay. Outside a commotion is heard. Arthur walks out to find Beau's cousins from the rally grabbing him. Arthur tells Penelope to get on the train and he'll deal with them.

Scott has Beau in a headlock so the other cousin - Iain - steps up to Arthur. Beat up Beau's cousins. As you work on Iain, Scott will join in. Knock them both down and get on the train. It takes off so meet with Beau and Penelope. They are of course happy to be getting away from the mess their homes are in and some of the wonderful things their families have done.

The Braithwaites

As the train moves along, a man on horseback is seen out the window. Penelope says it's her second cousin. Great. She goes on to say he must know about the jewels. Arthur knew it. Walk out to the flatcar and deal with the thugs. More appear along the ride. Take out as many as you can. There is ammo and other items of interest on the flatcar and in the caboose. While crossing Dewberry Creek the remainder will be cut off.

The family is dealt with but the train comes to a stop. The engineer goes running by so Arthur will try to get them moving again. Go to the front of the train. There is no one around so take the controls and drive it towards Fort Riggs. You can play with the bell and whistle if you want to be authentic about it. After Flatneck Station cinematics will take you the rest of the way.

Arthur stops the train at Riggs Station and tells Beau and Penelope they should go alone from here. Beau thanks him for all he has done. Penelope offers Arthur a sapphire bracelet. Accept or decline. Arthur then goes over to a sleeping stagecoach driver and tells him to take the young couple to the Boston line. They'll pay him on arrival. He agrees. Arthur confiscates his gun and gives it to Penelope since she is holding valuables. Arthur waves as they all take off.

Gold Tips

  • Quickly mount your horse with Penelope and go to the train station. Follow the path in purple above to get there as fast as possible.
  • Note the horse given in replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on that.
  • If you want a rifle for the train ride, be sure to grab it before leaving your horse.
  • When meeting Beau, go straight inside to the clerk and buy the tickets as soon as allowed.
  • Take down the Grays as quickly as you can. It can be difficult against two but try to focus on one at a time. Block and punch. Try not to keep your back turned towards the other or he'll grab you from behind. You cannot use weapons or run away from them. Take out Iain and then give a few punches to Scott before choking him until he goes down. If you try to grapple or choke while both are alive, the other will stop you. They can also break free if you haven't injured them already.
  • There are around 12 Braithwaites to headshot depending how quickly you kill them.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll want to get the headshots quickly before Dewberry Creek.
  • When the remaining Braithwaites give up, start running to front of the train. Take control and hold the accelerator until the cinematics.
  • Quickly accept or decline the bracelet.