Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - II

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  • Headshot the sniper in the barn
  • Secure the barn without taking any damage
  • Complete within 5 minutes 30 seconds

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - II

Arthur assists Sadie clearing out the O'Driscolls from Hanging Dog Ranch. They won't go down easy but Sadie is a warrior.


Not so foolish

Sadie sees a few O'Driscolls at the ranch. Arthur can have some of them. The fat one with a beard is hers. She starts walking towards them. There is a Litchfield Repeater in the camp if you want it. Follow Sadie who gives a quick rundown of the area. She has a plan. Walking up to the ranch she tosses a fire bottle into a shack and starts shooting.

Help her take out the O'Driscolls. Two are at the front gate and plenty more are around the ranch. Push your way in and a sniper will appear from the top of the barn. Take him out and keep shooting the others. There are 16 total. When they are all dead search the barn and Sadie will search the house. There are four O'Driscolls with two high and two low but they can move around. Clear them out and go to Sadie.

Inside the house a commotion is heard upstairs. Go up and the bearded O'Driscoll falls out of a room. Sadie follows and stabs him in the chest. Arthur props up a chair to she can sit and rest. Sadie breaks down about her husband Jake. Aside from him, Arthur is the best man she's known. Arthur jokes it's not that high of an honor. Outside Sadie says she needs to be alone for a little bit. She should clean herself up too. She thanks Arthur and rides off. You can loot the house for items including jewelry, cigarette cards, and $100 in a lock box upstairs. Be quick before the law comes or wait for them to leave.

Gold Tips

  • Note you cannot take any damage prior to the barn being secured. Use cover. A good method is to go towards the right while walking up and use the burning shack as cover (stay away from the fire). Then move up behind the house and work on the enemies from there.
  • Take out the O'Driscolls has fast as possible.
  • There is no headshot (minus the sniper) or accuracy objectives but again you want to take them out quickly.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Save some for the sniper.
  • There is plenty of cover for both sides.
  • Dynamite and fire bottles are very useful, especially for the barn.
  • You can also use the windows (lower and upper) as cover to fire inside the barn. Take one out at a time. They can move around.
  • When all four are dead, go inside the barn so Arthur will clear it.
  • Quickly run inside the house and go upstairs.