The Fine Art of Conversation

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  • Kill a pursuers horse during the escape
  • Complete within 9 minutes 30 seconds
  • Complete with at least 75% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

The Fine Art of Conversation

Rains Fall would like assistance at the negotiating table with the US Army. He hopes for progress but Colonel Favours may not be as willing to compromise.

Rewards: -$40

On the road again

Josiah Trelawny is leaving the gang for a bit again. Arthur doesn't think there will be much for him to return to. He gives Trelawny his blessing to leave and Trelawny hurries off. Arthur relaxes but Charles walks up with Rains Fall. Colonel Favours has agreed to a meeting which will hopefully resolve some of their conflict. Rains Fall knows how the Army has lied in the past and wishes to have non-tribe members present to prevent them from doing so or possibly worse. Arthur doesn't want to get involved but Charles persuades him to help.

Get on your horse and follow Rains Fall. He thanks both men for all of their help. Charles is sorry they couldn't stop Dutch from getting involved which lead to Eagle Flies being arrested. Certainly not helping the situation. It's hard for Rains Fall to tell his people not to fight back but that's probably what the Army wants. Captain Monroe will be at the meeting and can hopefully shed light on the Army's actions.

Small talk

Cinematics take you most of the way to the meeting place. Just outside a camp two men from the tribe are waiting and join you. Continue following Rains Fall into the camp and over to the tent where Colonel Favours is waiting with Monroe. They make introductions and sit at a table to get to business. Favours goes straight to calling the Natives criminals. While he's ranting Arthur begins coughing. It gets worse and Favours has a soldier escort Arthur away. He sits in a tent while the soldier gets him some water.

In the tent, Arthur overhears soldiers talking nearby. Move Arthur up to investigate and peek out the back of the tent. Apparently Favours wants to get Monroe court marshalled as a spy. It's all to avoid giving in to the Natives. He won't back down and will get Monroe hung. The soldiers actually kind of like Monroe. Arthur scurries back to his seat as the soldier returns. They go back to the table as Favours says the Natives violated a treaty and that the US Government owns the land they are on.

Last straw

Seeing the discussion going nowhere, Rains Fall makes his exit. Monroe speaks up against Favours who then yells for him to be arrested for treason. Arthur takes a soldier hostage demands Monroe come with them. Back towards your horse with the hostage as Monroe and Charles mount up. When you get close Arthur pushes the soldier away so get on your horse and follow Captain Monroe to escape as bullets fly.


Up the road two soldiers appear on horseback. One is ahead on the right and the other comes up from behind. Two more are ahead with one from each side. Wipe them out. Further down the road around the bend two are waiting at the intersection. They kill Monroe's horse so the men decide to flee on foot. Protect Captain Monroe who refuses to shoot fellow soldiers. Head into the trees as three soldiers fire at you from the east. When they are dead four more approach from the northwest. Kill them and two more appear from the west plus six arrive from the northwest on a wagon.

Kill them all and get back on your horse with Monroe. Follow Charles down the hill. At the railroad tracks three soldiers approach on horseback from the left. Kill them and you are clear. Arthur informs Monroe about what he heard back at the camp. Monroe won't be submitting his report. Take Monroe to Emerald Station where a train is ready to go. On the platform Arthur apologizes about Monroe's career and gives him $40 to start a new life somewhere. Tahiti is nice. Guarma not so much. Monroe gets on the train and Charles tells Arthur to meet him at the reservation.


Who you meet next - and how the conversation plays out - depends on a few things. Reverend Swanson is the typical person to find at the train station. The dialogue depends on your honor. If you had completed the stranger mission Brothers and Sisters, One and All and have high honor you will meet Sister Calderon instead.

Reverend Swanson (low honor)

Reverend Swanson is seen sitting on a bench nearby. He's leaving after failing to talk sense into Dutch. He tried to get the women along with Jack to go with him but no luck. Swanson is a changed man but Arthur is not. Perhaps it's the path he is on - a path that's coming to an end. Arthur will face his destiny as the fighter, killer, and crazy man that he is. Swanson tells him to spend what time he has left doing what he does. He gets up and tells Arthur to keep fighting. They shake hands as Arthur wishes him luck. Swanson gets on the train and it takes off.

Reverend Swanson (high honor)

Reverend Swanson is seen sitting on a bench nearby. He's leaving after failing to talk sense into Dutch. He tried to get the women along with Jack to go with him but no luck. Swanson is a changed man. As for Arthur, he's not good but not entirely bad either. Arthur's path will be just fine - a path that's coming to an end. Swanson is certain Arthur will do what's right and save who he can. The train is ready to leave so both wish each other well. Swanson says Arthur lived his life like a man. If everyone else was like him things would have been different. Swanson gets on the train and it takes off.

Sister Calderon (high honor)

If you had completed the appropriate stranger missions, Sister Calderon appears. She is going to Mexico for a mission and Brother Dorkins is jealous. Arthur has a coughing fit and sits down with her. He tells her he's dying and how he got TB from beating a man over a few dollars. He's a bad man. Calderon says everyone sins and she sees him helping people. Arthur mentions he had a son that died and a girl that loved him but threw that away. His mother died when he was a kid. He watched his father die but it wasn't soon enough.

Calderon's husband had died a long time ago. Everyone has lost a loved one. Arthur should help somebody since it makes him happy. Arthur doesn't believe in anything but Calderon has her doubts as well until she meets someone like Arthur. Getting serious, Arthur admits he's afraid. Calderon says love exists. He needs to be open to it. The whistle blows so Calderon gathers her things and gets on. They say goodbye as the train takes off.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time getting on your horse and getting to the meeting.
  • You do not need to get up in the tent.
  • Quickly back out with the hostage, mount your horse, and get out of there.
  • There is no headshot objective but you'll want to kill the soldiers quickly.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms and torso.
  • Kill at least one pursuing horse. Usually easier during the first part of the escape.
  • Dynamite is a good option for the wagon.
  • The fight in the wooded area has plenty of cover for both sides. Move around to flush the soldiers out.
  • Note you cannot stray too far from Monroe or else you will "abandon" him.
  • Quickly mount your horse with Monroe and flee with Charles. Kill the last few soldiers and get to the south end of the train station as fast as possible.