My Last Boy

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  • Save Paytah
  • Get 30 headshots
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

My Last Boy

In the war against the government and Cornwall, Eagle Flies leads the charge into a huge battle at the oil fields. The gang provides assistance to save the natives including Eagle Flies.

Rewards: Loot

It's on!

Arthur doesn't take too kindly to Micah's friends Cleet and Joe who are extra guns to help the gang. Arthur tries to get answers from Dutch but is interrupted by Eagle Flies and a large group of Natives on horseback wearing war paint. They are going to attack Cornwall's oil refinery and want Dutch's help. Dutch loves the idea but Rains Fall appears and tells him to stop.

He tells Eagle Flies that he had fought when he was younger. Many people died including his first son and wife who had her throat slit. They made peace. He knew not to trust those people but he had no choice. The world is not a good place but they must endure. That is Rains Fall's strength, not a weakness. Pride is not worth dying over. He implores his son not to fight. Eagle Flies refuses to listen and rides out with the group.

Rains Fall asks Arthur to help. The fight is a trap and his people will all die. Dutch - and Micah - question what help Arthur has been giving them behind Dutch's back. Arthur along with Charles agree to help. Dutch agrees too but wants to find out what other secrets Arthur has been hiding from them. Other gang members join the fight. They mount up and ride out.

Off to war

Follow Dutch as the gang rides through the countryside. Dutch questions what Arthur has been doing with the Natives but it is revealed Dutch helped plan the attack on the oil fields. He says it was perfect. The oil company and the US government have devastated the tribe. They need to fight back. With Arthur, Sadie, and John speaking up the gang begins to bicker. Bill and Javier take Dutch's side. Dutch is tired of the dissent. He has a plan. Stick with him or cut loose.

Up ahead one of the Natives is riding towards them. He is hurt and says Eagle Flies needs help. They must hurry. The gang continues on. As they move through a valley a column of smoke and fire is in the distance. Arriving above the refinery, one of the oil wells and the ground around it is blazing. Some Natives are regrouping nearby as dead bodies are strewn across the landscape.

Eagle Flies is spotted on a walkway. Arthur tells Dutch the fight is unwinnable and to cause a distraction so Arthur can save Eagle Flies. Dutch obeys the order and tells the rest of the gang to go with him. They'll meet at the factory. Charles, Sadie, and the Natives will ride with Arthur. They take off down the hill.

Blood and oil

Take out the Army. Numerous soldiers are found along the ride down the hill. Kill them or the others will. Near the train tracks the decision is made to leave the horses. Arthur dismounts so continue into the fight on foot. Soldiers are all over the place including snipers up on an oil well. Shoot them and keep moving with Sadie and Charles. Wipe out the soldiers in the area and head across the bridge where Eagle Flies was last seen as fires burn around you.


On the other side Eagle Flies and a soldier fall out of the building on the right. Take out the soldier who pins down Eagle Flies. When he's dead Eagle Flies gets up and thanks them. He wants to know where his men are. Arthur says the factory where Dutch is. They need to move and save who they can. Continue taking out the Army. Soldiers appear ahead and on the catwalk above. Kill them and keep moving.

Various soldiers are around the cabins. Work your way through back towards the tracks as an Army train arrives. When you get closer the doors of the boxcars open allowing soldiers to pour out. One of the cars has a Gatling gun firing shots. Take them all out and climb over the train. Three more soldiers are waiting on the platform. Kill them and go to the left. Paytah is struggling with two soldiers so help him out. Ahead are four more at the back of the factory building. Kill them and join the other half of the gang in the rear yard. Soldiers are all over the east end with more coming down from the north.

Find out who your friends are

When they are all dead go to Dutch near the small tanks. Eagle Flies joins you. Aside from bickering some more, Dutch reveals he wanted this place attacked. Their ticket out is inside. Dutch tells everyone else to get away. Eagle Flies refuses to leave until he has all of his men. Charles will assist him. Dutch shoots the lock on the door to the factory and enters with Arthur.

Follow Dutch who explains there are state bonds in the office. The state was paying Cornwall to develop the region but the federal government didn't want problems with the Natives. This should be the payout they need to be free. Help Dutch loot the office. There is a cupboard and wardrobe next to the door for you to search. There are items to loot there and around the office. Dutch checks the desk and finds the bonds. He is elated to have them in his hands. It's a few thousand dollars worth. They are nearly there. Dutch walks out so follow him. Loot the rest of the office if you wish.

Getting to the stairs, Colonel Favours is below and tells his men to find Dutch and Arthur. A group of soldiers enters. Both sides find cover. Kill the five soldiers and keep moving with Dutch. At the far end a steam pipe breaks and knocks Arthur down. A group of soldiers comes around and one gets on top of Arthur with a knife ready to plunge into his chest. Arthur holds him back and calls out to Dutch who turns and walks out.

Eagle Flies enters and takes out the soldiers. As he tries to help Arthur get up, Colonel Favours shoots Eagle Flies. Arthur enters Dead Eye so shoot Favours dead. Eagle Flies is alive but not doing well. Arthur grabs the fool. Eagle Flies says Arthur saved his life more than once. It would only be right to die for him. Outside the building Arthur tells Dutch he ran away. Dutch denies it and says more could be coming any minute. They have the money and added to the train job they have a lot of it. Everything is coming together as planned.

Fly with the eagles

Arthur will take Eagle Flies back to his father. Dutch and the others will go back to camp to prepare. Paytah and Charles follow Arthur. Ride to Wapiti. Arthur apologizes for all of this. He turned crazy but everyone followed him anyway. Paytah says it's better to die fighting rather than sick and weak. Maybe he's right.

Charles doesn't like how they made a mess to get money to run away from the mess they made. Arthur says there used to be reason to it. There used to be lines they didn't cross but those have faded away. Dutch left Arthur to die. He's descended into the man he told the gang not to be - or this is the real side of him. Paytah vows to gather more Natives from the north and continue the fight. Charles tells him it's over.

Arriving at the reservation, tribe members take notice of Eagle Flies' wounds. Rains Fall is waiting at his tent. Arthur and Charles bring Eagle Flies inside and place him on the floor. Rains Fall takes his son's hand. They look each other in the eye before Eagle Flies silently slips away from this world. Arthur and Charles leave Rains Fall to mourn his only remaining son.

Arthur and Charles talk about how the tribe needs to move. Charles will stay and help. Arthur offers too but Charles tells him there are others that need him. The two hug and Arthur goes to his horse. Charles tells the Natives gathered outside the tent they must pack up and move. Arthur rides out. He has another bad coughing fit and passes out on the road. He wakes up a few times as a group of people take him away and into a home. A woman gives him a drink. Arthur gets up and stumbles out as the woman tries to talk to him in German. Arthur wakes up again on the main street in Annesburg.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots.
  • There are around 90 enemies to headshot. You still need to be quick and stay ahead of the others helping you to get 30.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso.
  • There is plenty of cover for both sides throughout the fight.
  • After crossing over the boxcars, take out the soldiers on the platform and then look left. Shoot the soldier struggling with Paytah.