Our Best Selves

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  • Get a headshot in Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch's Horse
  • Complete within 11 minutes
  • Fight through the train with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Our Best Selves

The gang needs one last score to make it to freedom and Dutch knows about an Army train carrying plenty of money. They'll sneak on and stop it before its destination.


One last train

Dutch says Pearson and Uncle both left the camp. Mary-Beth fled as well. Arthur thinks they are probably afraid of dying. Dutch pulls him to the side. It's a tough time. Arthur isn't doing too well but the community will survive. Arthur wants to let the women and Jack free but Dutch says there is no more freedom in this country.

One more big score and they have enough money to leave. One more train. This one is an Army train carrying payroll. Arthur again insists that the women, Jack, and John be allowed to leave before the Pinkertons come and kill them all. Insist? John? Dutch agrees in a menacing way. Arthur agrees to rob the train. Dutch rallies the remaining gang. They have a train to rob. "Insists?" Dutch mutters to himself. The gang mounts up and rides out of camp together.

Army intel

Follow Dutch who says the train is making a stop in St. Denis in an hour. Micah mentions with the bridge gone, a patrol will be waiting past Annesburg to take the money. Dutch wants to quietly get on the train and stop it before then. He tells John to get the dynamite. Arthur offers to go with him. As he wishes. Follow John. He hid the wagon after blowing up the bridge.

Arthur questions the logic of a large group of them riding in St. Denis. John mentions Pinkertons are all over Van Horn. They are closing in. Arriving at some trees, Arthur will get the dynamite. Get on the back and collect it. Once done get back on your horse and follow John again. He says Abigail found out the money Dutch was stashing is in the caves at Beaver Hollow. Dutch was getting sloppy keeping it at camp. Abigail and Jack should be ready to flee. Arthur tells John when this job is over, they'll make their getaway. If John and his family are safe then this was worth it.

Cinematics take you just outside St. Denis where the others are waiting. Everyone joins up and rides in. Dutch says he has a river boat ready to take them to New York or Chicago. From there they take a real boat to the tropics. Hopefully not Guarma again. Dutch and Micah speak to Arthur and John in a certain tone of voice. They bicker a little but Dutch tells them to quiet down while they ride in the city.

Express track

At the station, Dutch doles out directions. Cleet and Sadie board in the middle. John and Arthur at the back. Everyone else follows Dutch & Micah and joins when the train is stopped. A whistle is heard and the train comes roaring into the station. Instead of stopping it keeps going. Dutch is confused but tells everyone to mount up. They are still going for it.

Back in control, chase after the train. Get alongside the flatcar and jump on with John. Sadie and Cleet go along the top. Four guards are in the boxcar ahead. Kill them and move up. Two are on the next flatcar and three more in the following boxcar. Shoot them. Three guards are on the next flatcar plus one on the roof of the boxcar ahead. Wipe them out.

Climb up on the boxcar. A guard climbs up on the other end so be ready. Kill him and keep moving. Three are on the flatcar ahead. Sadie and Cleet are struggling with one on top of the next boxcar. Kill them and move up. One guard gets on top of the box car, three are in the second boxcar, and three more are on the flatcar beyond. One last guard is in a passenger coach. When he gets killed, he shoots a lantern light inside and starts a fire that quickly spreads.

Rapid fire

Unable to continue, they need to get off the train and go around. Dutch and the others ride up along the side. Jump on Dutch's horse to get past the fire. He rides up to the next flatcar where Sadie and Cleet are waiting. Jump back on the train. Arthur says they need to uncouple the burning coach. John gets to it. Arthur sees parts to a Gatling gun in the crates next to him. He also sees a soldier on a hill nearby yelling to others about the train being robbed.

Arthur assembles the gun and John uncouples the coach which explodes with seconds to spare. After Bill jumps on a shot hits John who falls off the back. A soldier is standing on top of the next coach. Arthur enters Dead Eye so shoot the soldier. With him dead Dutch says he'll go back for John. The others on horseback follow. Bill will try to stop the train while Arthur mans the gun. Arthur tells him to secure the train but do not stop it. He'll deal with the patrol.

Looking off the left side, a group of six soldiers appears on horseback. Take out whoever you can. They give up at the river. On the other side groups of two appear on both sides while you move along. Sadie and Cleet bicker about who has worse aim. Shoot who you can before they give up. Leave the gun and move up to the armored carriage at the front.

They need to blow the door open so plant dynamite to do so. After it explodes enter the doorway. Arthur looks around and tells the others they got something. He tosses bags of money to the others including Bill who says the engineer is dead so the train isn't stopping. Arthur grabs a bag for himself and walks out. Jump off as the train approaches Bacchus Bridge.

Out with a bang

The train rolls off the destroyed bridge and crashes into the river valley below. They're alive but barely. Dutch and the others ride up. Arthur asks about John. Dutch says they tried. Micah chimes in and says the patrol killed him. They had to run. Arthur drops his bag in disbelief. Dutch tells them to ride out before another patrol turns up. Gathering his emotions, Arthur loads his bag onto his horse and follows the others.

This mission leads directly into Red Dead Redemption.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time while riding with the gang and getting the dynamite with John. Move as quickly as you can.
  • Quickly catch up to the train and jump on. Stay to the left. Note the horse given in replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on it.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no headshot objective while moving up the train but you'll want to be quick.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms and torso.
  • There is plenty of cover while moving up the train for both sides. Wait for the enemies to pop out and use Dead Eye to headshot them. While on the Gatling gun you are exposed.
  • Quickly jump onto Dutch's horse and back to the train.
  • Headshot the soldier that shoots John.
  • Note there is no accuracy or headshot objective for the Gatling gun. Hold the trigger and have fun.
  • Quickly jump off the train.