The King's Son

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  • While infiltrating Fort Wallace, headshot every soldier blocking your way to Eagle Flies
  • Kill 15 enemies while escaping in the canoe
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

The King's Son

With tensions high between the US Army and the Wapiti Tribe, the chance of getting Eagle Flies out of jail is slim to none. Arthur and Charles will try to sneak in and get him out.


Meeting of the minds

Finding Charles at the Wapiti Reservation, he says the chief is not doing so well after the negotiations. Maybe Arthur can talk to him. Go to Rains Fall at his tent. He says Eagle Flies is foolish but he is still his son. When asked about his own father, Arthur tells Rains Fall that his father died but lived longer than he should have. Eagle Flies is going to be hung for treason even though the US Government has lied to the Natives for a hundred years.

Rains Falls asks Arthur for advice. Dutch has made the relationship with the Army the worse it has ever been. Arthur thinks and then says himself and Charles will rescue Eagle Flies. Rains Fall doesn't want him to risk it but Arthur has nothing to lose. Arthur walks out and tells Charles who has already been thinking of a plan.

Heavy rain

Follow Charles as he mounts up and ride out with him to Fort Wallace. Charles says he's been scouting the fort. There are patrols all around but they can come in across the river in the back when it's dark out. They need to keep it quiet to get to Eagle Flies. He also put two canoes down river just in case. Charles blames Dutch for manipulating Eagle Flies but Arthur takes some blame since they helped. Arthur likes Rains Fall. Hopefully both the gang and the tribe can be saved.

Continue following Charles down a tight, winding path near the destroyed rail bridge. He feels rain coming. Arthur tells Charles to get out if it goes bad. He also mentions to Charles that he saw a doctor and things aren't looking good. Charles tries to reason with Arthur. They can die any day. They are about to break into an Army fort. Other gang members died as bad people. Arthur still has time to do some good. Cross the river at the bottom of the path.

Make your way up the hill as the rain starts to pour. Could help them sneak in. Charles says some women were taken and elders beaten as retaliation for the talks going bad. This won't end well. Riding up near the fort Charles stops and dismounts. They'll find a spot to hide until it gets dark enough.


Later when night falls they decide to move. Sneak with Charles up to the fort. A patrol leaves so hopefully they can get out before it comes back. At the front gate are two guards. Silently take them out. You get one and Charles gets the other. Use a bow or throwing knife. When they are down sneak around the side hugging the wall to avoid being seen. Around the north side a guard is on the ground talking to another in a tower. Again take one and Charles gets the other.

Keep going around. Charles uses a grappling hook with a knotted rope to scale the wall. Arthur follows and both take cover inside the fort. Back in control, a guard comes from the tower. Stealth kill him or Charles will. Move along the wall and there is another past the tower. If you take him, Charles will advise to use a hunting knife. Kill him how you wish. Moving along there are two more ahead. One each again. Charles will check the tower ahead but it's clear. Beyond that is one more guard walking along the wall. Kill him or send Charles. Look for ammo sitting on crates.

The jail area is ahead. Charles goes down to the ground level and hides behind a crate. They'll never get past all the remaining guards so Arthur will need to create a distraction. There's a lantern above some wood in the middle. Arthur can get a shot from the wall. Go up into the tower and out onto the walkway above the entrance. A guard is there so take him out quietly. Shoot the lantern below.

Light it up

The lantern erupts and causes a large fire which distracts the guards as planned. Charles takes out a guard next to the jail and moves over. Go down to Charles without alerting the rest to your presence. He enters the jail and use a hatchet on the guard. Eagle Flies is happy to see them. Search for the keys which can be looted from the guard's body and open the door.

Arthur enters the cell and cuts Eagle Flies loose. Arthur says his father sent them but didn't say to kill the guards. Eagle Flies says he's okay but his beaten face says otherwise. A horn is heard outside. They've been found out. Charles and Arthur exit the jail and take cover. Fight off the guards. There are three using cover ahead and one in the tower to the right. Kill them and move up with Charles as three more appear on the other side from a building. Keep moving north as another three run out of the stables.

Wipe them out and more guards appear on the ground and on the wall towards the west plus one in the tower to the northwest. Kill them and one more comes from a building to the west. When he's dead Eagle Flies says one of the walls is broken. Follow Eagle Flies to it but the Army has boarded it up. Arthur is told to fix it. Destroy the wall. Of course dynamite is an option but why not use the cannon nearby? Pick it up and rotate the cannon as Charles hears the patrol returning. When it's in place, fire a shot.

Flowing out

However you do it, the wall blows open. Run out and mount your horse. Take out the guards from the left as Eagle Flies gets on with Charles. Follow Charles as guards on horseback give chase. There are two sets of two and a set of three along the way to the river. A group of four is in the near distance and needs to be dealt with while Charles gets the canoes ready. When they are all dead get in the canoe.

Paddle to keep up with Charles as guards appear all along the river. Shoot whoever you can. One appears behind you and the others will be on both sides or on top of the bridges over the river. You are restricted to small arms. The last two get taken out regardless of your actions. Charles will tell you not to shoot their horses so they can escape with them. Paddle onto the shore.


The three men rest and discuss things. Colonel Favours won't like this. Even Rains Fall may need to join the fight. Arthur tells him to run away but they have nowhere to go. Charles grabs a horse. Eagle Flies thanks them and rides off with Charles back to the reservation.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy throughout.
  • There are 7 guards to headshot on the way to Eagle Flies. You should have no problem getting them. The guards that move will stop. Arrows are a good idea, even if Charles says otherwise.
  • There are 16 guards to kill during the canoe ride. One is behind you and the other 15 are along the river. Do not paddle. Take it nice and slow to kill as many as you can. You need to be fairly quick with the last two or else Charles will get them.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Try to save it for the river portion.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso.