Banking, the Old American Art

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  • Crack the safe without making any mistakes
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Get 25 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Banking, the Old American Art

Moment of truth. If the gang can get through this robbery at the bank, then they can set sail and retire in a tropical island far away from their troubles. If only reality was as rosey as the dream.


One more time

Hosea and Dutch are going over the plan for the bank robbery. They are going to hit it during the day using a distraction up the street to delay the police force. The next morning everyone mounts up and they all ride to St. Denis. Follow the convoy consisting of two wagons and four men on horseback. John questions if this will really be the last one but Dutch quells his negativity. Micah asks about their money in Blackwater but they'll have that and more from a big city bank.

The plan is to have Hosea and Abigail draw the police forces away from the bank. John and Lenny will secure the front doors with Javier at the side exit. Bill, Micah, and Charles will control the crowd. Dutch and Arthur deal with the manager and vault. As the convoy approaches St. Denis the wagons break off to get in position. Those on horseback take an easy ride to the bank. They stop across from the bank where the wagon and Bill are waiting. The loot will be put in the wagon and then they'll escape. They all wait for the distraction. An explosion erupts north of them. Time to go.

Best laid plans

Follow Dutch to the entrance and equip your bandana. When everyone is ready they burst through the doors and start business. You are told how to fire a warning shot. As the crowd is moved away go to the bank manager to have him open the vault. Beat or aim your weapon at him to get him moving. When the door opens go into the vault. There are three safes inside. Walk up to open one and play the combination minigame. Bill will also get the combination from the manager as you go along. Loot the safe and John says they have trouble coming.

Go with Dutch back out into the lobby. They go over to the windows and see Agent Milton yelling to come out. He has Hosea at gunpoint. Dutch tells Milton to let Hosea go or else people will die. Milton replies that he is done bargaining. With Dutch not coming out, Hosea is allowed to walk towards the bank. He turns back to Milton who shoots him dead in the street. The gang is taken back. Dutch is of course angry.

Kill the lawmen. They are all over the street including to the left and up on the balcony ahead. When you take out a bunch Dutch says he has an idea. A wagon of lawmen arrives on the far left so move over to help Charles. Go to Dutch behind the main desk when he yells to. He pulls out dynamite and tells Arthur to blow a hole in the back wall. Pick up the dynamite and place it on the wall. Take cover back behind the desk and shoot the dynamite.


Taking the high road

An explosion breaks open the wall. Dutch tells Arthur to go to the roof and cover them. Proceed through the hole and Javier hands Arthur a rifle. Continue up various ladders to the roof. Once in position take down the lawmen on the balconies across from you. You can also assist with ones in the street. Take them down and a wagon pulls up to the intersection with a Gatling gun. Take out the gunner and more lawmen approach around the left corner. Keep shooting.

Dutch and others make it to the roof. Dutch says John was captured. Arthur and Lenny will lead the escape across the roof. Follow Lenny. As he approaches a stairwell two lawmen come around and shoot him. Arthur enters Dead Eye so take them out. Going over to Lenny, he's dead. Dutch tells him to keep going.

Continue the escape by jumping across to the next roof. They regroup and Dutch tells them they need to keep going quietly or else they'll all be dead. They'll move one at a time. Follow Dutch across and down various rooftops. Pinkertons are running around below searching for them. Dutch finds a boarded-up window they can get through. Climb in.

As the others enter, Arthur tells Dutch the Pinkertons knew they were coming just like Micah's Blackwater job - pointing at Micah as he comes through. Micah says it's nothing like that. They find a room in the building to hide. They can't go back to camp so Dutch devises a plan to sneak out during the night and jump on a boat. Doesn't matter where it goes. After that they lie low and come back for the others in a few weeks.

Slipping away

Night falls and the remaining gang sneaks out of the building. Follow Dutch across to a train. Take cover as two Pinkerton guards patrolling meet on the other side. They won't move so continue to follow Dutch through the train. A guard looks in from the left so stay low. Keep moving to the next coach and a guard boards the train. Take cover behind the seats until he moves on with another to the right. Dutch exits the train but around the next building are two more guards. Dutch tells Arthur to draw them out to another part of the dock.

Go to the highlighted area and whistle so they move. Avoid them around the crates and regroup with Dutch. He keeps moving around some more cargo crates but a group of Pinkertons are hanging around up ahead. Charles can't kill all of them quietly so he risks himself as a distraction. Charles leads them away from the docks. Keep following Dutch along the pier. With everyone that's left accounted for, they get on a cargo ship.

Farewell cruise

The sun begins to rise as Dutch and Arthur talk. They don't know where the ship is going but Dutch will use some of the gold loot to buy over the Captain. He goes off to work his magic. Later Dutch says it was a success. The captain is from New England and the crew is French. They are taking Pennsylvania Coal down to the islands. Dutch and his men should be able to slip ashore in northern Cuba when it gets there in a few days.

Dutch discusses the plan with his men. They'll hide out in Cuba for a bit and then return to the US to get the others. They have money and loyalty. He doesn't think the Pinkertons will follow them to Cuba. Micah looks out at some nasty clouds approaching the ship.

During the night Dutch frantically wakes up the others as alarm bells are heard and the ship rocks heavily. Arthur gets cut off from the others but makes his way onto the main deck. The ship is on fire and listing in the water. He sees Dutch and the others in a lifeboat a distance away. As giant waves roll by he loses sight of them. With the ship sinking, Arthur and the crew abandon it into the water below. Arthur is shown struggling beneath the water and the screen goes black.

This completes Chapter IV.

This mission leads directly into the next - Welcome to the New World.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy throughout.
  • Go slowly with the safe. The first or second numbers take barely any movement.
  • You can only use pistols or the Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots.
  • You can stall in a few spots to allow more enemies to appear. The first is during the initial gunfight. Avoid going to Dutch when he calls and take out some more lawmen. You can do the same after grabbing the dynamite and when going through the hole.
  • There is plenty of cover inside the bank. Use caution on the roof since the front sign can cause Arthur not to aim while using it as cover.