Simple Pleasures

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  • When milking, fill a bucket within 10 seconds
  • Complete within 5 minutes 15 seconds

Simple Pleasures

John gets a taste of a real ranching life. Milking cows and shoveling you-know-what is not glorious and doesn't pay well but it's an honest living at least.

Rewards: $3

The boss

Inside a barn Dickens introduces John to Mr. David Geddes. Geddes welcomes John Jim and is happy John protected his property. If he works hard he'll earn his keep. Geddes walks out. Dickens tells another hand named Abe to find work for John. Follow Abe who spots John's family arriving at the cabin. Abe asks about running the hired guns out but John doesn't want to talk about it in front of his wife. Abe agrees to that.

A young man helps move things into the cabin before walking off. Abigail greets John and quickly takes him inside with Jack. Abigail knows about the attempted robbery and is upset with John who says he didn't have much of a choice. John exits and tells Jack to lend a hand when he's done. Outside follow Abe again. He is going to milk the cows. John will help.

Abe questions the robbery again but John says he was just getting his wagon back. About time someone finally stood up to the hired guns. John explains he came from up north but had been around here years ago. Abe tells him rich folks have come and bought up the ranches. It isn't as wild as it used to be. John denies being a gunslinger but Abe is just glad to have someone like him around.

Getting your hands dirty

Arriving at the cows, Abe says they used to have a bunch of women doing the milking but they all drifted off. John hasn't done much of it. Abe will teach him. John sits down next to a cow. Follow the prompts to milk the cow. Fill a pail and cinematics will have John do the next. Jack/Lancelot comes over and is introduced to Abe. Fill another pail. When that's done Abe says they'll go clean out the stables.

Follow Abe who talks to Jack. He's 12 years old and his name comes from imaginative parents. In the stables Abe tells them to get the stalls cleaned out and he'll be back later. Grab the pitchfork and scoop up the manure. Jack follows you with a wheelbarrow so drop it in and go to the next pile. After picking up the third, cinematics show the two moving along. You are left with one more. Scoop it into the wheelbarrow and return the pitchfork.

Jack is told to finish up while John checks on Abigail. Go to the house. Inside Abigail is setting the table for supper. They might be able to stay here for a bit. She sits on the bed with John and tells him she's tired of fleeing. John is too. They put their heads together in a small show of love. The next morning they wake up and John exits the cabin.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time following Abe.
  • When milking, simply alternate analog sticks. Left down, release. Right down, release. You should be able to do it quickly. Use the first as practice and the second to get the objective.
  • Quickly grab the pitchfork and go to the nearest manure piles. Scoop them as quick as you can into the wheelbarrow. After the last one quickly return the pitchfork and run to Abigail.