The Wheel

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  • Reach Pronghorn Ranch without dropping any supplies
  • Reclaim the wagon within 1 minute

The Wheel

John is having a hard time keeping a job since trouble seems to follow him. Maybe working as a ranch hand in the middle of nowhere will yield more success.


Full circle

Some years later we find John, Abigail, and an older Jack traveling in a wagon. Abigail is berating John about them finding trouble. They need to be able to live somewhere for more than a few weeks. John wants to try Strawberry since they are passing by. Abigail tells him the people there like good and honest men so John needs to be good and honest. She is tired of being surrounded by fools with moral codes trying to be heroes like in books. Jack reads the books to Abigail but that's not the point.

In control of the wagon, drive to Strawberry. John blames Jack and his books for having a bad influence on Abigail. Jack says he got away from wild west books and is reading about knights now. Arriving in Strawberry stop next to the general store. John will see what kind of good and honest work he can find. Abigail will do the same. Speak with the shopkeeper inside the store.

He thinks John - aka Jim Milton - is a little old to be stacking groceries but John talks about his family and how they were robbed a few days ago. Since he has a wagon, the shopkeeper hires him to run goods to Pronghorn Ranch owned by a Mr. Geddes. John goes to find Abigail while his wagon gets loaded up. Go to the Doctor's Office across the creek. Abigail found work as well cleaning up after surgeries. She tells John to make his delivery and then come get her.

Working man

Return to your wagon and get on. The shopkeeper tells John to take it easy. Drive to Pronghorn Ranch. John recites the directions a few times during the ride. If you lose items John will make a comment. Lose too many and you fail the mission. You cannot pick them up. Pull up in front of the main house. Mr. Dickens greets you and John says he's delivering supplies from Strawberry. John admires the ranch and asks if Geddes is looking for extra hands. He gives another sob story about his wife - Agatha - and his son - Lancelot. Dickens isn't sure a married man is going to work but John thinks otherwise.

Two men walk up and ask if Geddes is in. Dickens tells them to leave but they help themselves to the supplies in the wagon asking when Geddes will sell the place. They end up taking the reins and ride off. Chase the wagon. Jump on to forcibly remove them or get in front to block them and then use threats to make them get off. Note you have no weapons. However you do it, return the wagon to Pronghorn Ranch. The outlaws yell to have Geddes accept the offer from a Mr. Abel before riding off on their horses.

Back in front of the house, Dickens thanks John/Jim. Those were Laramie boys who work for Mr. Abel. John again asks for work. It takes a bit more sob story but he finally agrees - although a little suspicious of his desperation. Since it's getting late John will stay here and they'll get his wife and son tomorrow. Plus Dickens would like him around in case more Laramies show up. There's a cabin at the other end of the ranch. They'll have work tomorrow when Mr. Geddes returns. John inspects the cabin and emerges the next morning.

You are now free to explore as John Marston.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy.
  • Do not go too fast while carrying the supplies. The ones in the back can slip out easily on bumps or quick turns. Best option is to whip the reins a few times to get the horse going at a decent speed and hold from there. Use the cinematic camera to help navigate turns. You cannot pick up the items that fall out. They disappear. Again, there is no overall time objective.
  • Quickly grab the horse and catch up to the wagon. Get next to the driver and jump when the option appears. Be careful not to overrun it. If you get too far ahead the wagon will turn the other way.