The Course of True Love - IV

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  • There is no medal or replay for this mission

The Course of True Love - IV

Penelope Braithwaite needs a little more help from Arthur. She is trapped by her family but trying to escape.

Rewards: None

Note: This is an optional mission but Part V will show in the Rockstar Games Social Club as missing if not done. It will automatically fill in after completing the game's story.

Remember us?

On the table in Arthur's tent is a letter. Inspect it.

The letter is from Penelope Braithwaite. She says her family has gone crazy and is holding her prisoner to prevent Penelope from advancing her work. She is usually at the cabins on the plantation since the house was thankfully destroyed.

Put the Letter from Penelope away. Part IV is complete and a new marker appears for Part V.

Gold Tips

  • None