Visiting Hours

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  • Get headshots on both Prison Guards when sniping from the tower
  • Escape to the boat within 2 minutes 45 seconds
  • Complete within 9 minutes
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Visiting Hours

Sadie and Arthur take a boat over to the Sisika Penitentiary to get John out. All they need to do is find him working in the fields and fend off every guard on the island. Simple.


On the ground

Abigail wants to come rescue John but Sadie and Arthur both tell her no. They shove off in a boat towards the prison. Row to Sisika Island. They'll find a spot to arrive unnoticed and then find John in the fields. From there they'll just need to take out all the guards and escape. A straight forward plan. Cinematics take you onto the island.

On the shore, go with Sadie to the watch tower. Of course it is occupied but Arthur will lead. Take out the guard quietly. When he's down pick up the Rolling Block Rifle and look for John in the fields. Sadie follows behind you and looks with her binoculars. Arthur thinks he sees John off to the right in front of a large barn.

New plan

Take out the two guards next to John. Once you do sirens begin to wail. Sadie isn't sure that was actually John so they'll take a look. Looked like one of the guards was still alive too. Run over and investigate the field. Sadie asks the wounded guard about Marston. The guard says he isn't working today. Another guard sticks up Sadie but Arthur takes him hostage. They'll all get John together.

Walk with the guard to the prison as Sadie deals with the others along the way. The guard says the warden is Mr. Heston Jameson. He's not the nicest boss. They'll find out how well the guard is liked. At the front of the prison Arthur calls out for Jameson. A guard on top says he's in St. Denis. Arthur orders them to get Marston or he'll kill the guard - named Milliken - who counts out a minute on behalf of Arthur.


Eventually Marston is released. Sadie shoots his ankle chains. Arthur drops Milliken and takes cover with Sadie and John. Clear out some of the guards before attempting an escape. More come out of the front gate. Kill a few and they'll try to make a run for it. Cover Sadie and John who run across the bridge then catch up. More guards come around the side of the prison and out the front gate. Find cover and hold them off.


Kill all the ones on the ground and then head into the field. Five guards come from the left on horseback and seven come from the prison on foot - only two of those on foot will come into the field after you. The mounted ones will circle around. Take them out and keep moving. At the far end four more mounted guards appear from behind with two on each side. Use the cover and shoot them.

Keep moving to the rowboat with the others. A few guards will continue to give chase but they'll be far back. Bullets will continue to fly around you. All three get in the boat. Sadie will row and Arthur will take care of the remaining guards. A few ride in on horseback and the others are on foot. Watch out for one on the left shore. Keep killing them until the boat gets clear.


On the mainland Arthur pokes fun at Marston who thanks them for the rescue. Mount your horse and follow Sadie with John back to Beaver Hollow. Arthur fills in John about Lenny, Guarma, and the rest of the mess since the bank robbery. John says Dutch had a chance to save him but didn't. Arthur isn't sure Dutch is in the right state of mind. Or he isn't who they thought he was.

Near Butcher's Creek cinematics take you the rest of the way to camp. Abigail is happy to have John again. Dutch not so much. He says he had a plan and now worries the law may have followed them to the camp. He storms off and Abigail takes John to their tent. Arthur rests next to a tree. Mary-Beth comes over to say that Dutch and Micah went to Annesburg. Something about Mr. Cornwall. She walks away.

Gold Tips

  • Quickly row the boat out until the cutscene plays.
  • Run (no need to crouch) to the tower, take out the guard, and use the sniper or a regular rifle to headshot the two guards in front of the barn. Get one and the other should stay still long enough for you to get another headshot.
  • Head back down and towards the field but you'll need to wait for Sadie to catch up before proceeding all the way to the search area. She goes up the tower, says it may not have been John, then comes back down.
  • Move the hostage guard to the entrance as fast as possible. He tends to follow the road and go into the barrels at the bridge so be mindful of that.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. You don't need headshots but you'll want to take out the guards as fast as possible especially in the middle of the field.
  • The guards on top of the wall use cover and can have the railing in the way of your shots.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso. Again, you want to be quick.
  • Focus on the guards coming out of the prison during the initial gunfight. Kill them so Sadie and John can move. Stay with them.
  • The faster you take out the next sets of guards, the faster Sadie and John can move.
  • There is only cover at three points during the escape: before the bridge (starting location), after the bridge, and at the other end of the field. You are completely exposed in the middle of the field.
  • Quickly kill the remaining guards from the boat. You need six to trigger the cutscene.
  • Quickly mount your horse and ride with Sadie until the cinematics.