A Civilized Man

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A Civilized Man

Abraham Reyes is apparently the cause of the zombies but not even he was immune. It's time to end this plague once and for all.

Rewards: Semi-auto Shotgun

Note: You may want to stock up on ammo before starting this mission.

El Monstruo

After entering the gates atop Escalera, John asks a sobbing woman where Reyes is. She points him up the stairs into the mansion. Inside a young woman is being chased around a table by a noticeably zombified Reyes. John yells at him to stop and Reyes focuses on him.

Kill Reyes. He should be an easy headshot even without Dead-Eye. With Reyes down, the familiar young woman walks over as John makes a joke about Reyes. The woman thanks John and takes a seat. She says everyone is doomed because of Reyes - and denies that John has seen her before. Reyes caused the zombie plague with his vanity and lust for power. He disturbed the royal burial grounds beneath Escalera. He heard of a mask that would supposedly make him invincible.

John recounts all the things being blamed for the zombies but the woman tells him to look inside the case on the table. Reyes took the mask to gain more power and caused the plague. Inside the case is a green mask. John confirms where the entrance to the crypt is and thinks returning it is worth a shot. The two head out towards the bullfighting ring.

Going to Hell

Outside the rear of the mansion, make your way over to the catacombs next to the bullpen. A few zombies will greet you along the way including the sobbing woman from the stairs. Kill them and keep moving. The young woman will tell you that she knows what needs to be done. John hopes she's right.

Go down the steps and towards the eastern wall. Head down the stairs next to the bullfighting stands and over into the catacombs. Your radar/mini-map will change to show the catacomb layout. The young woman will continue to say things during the walk down - certain things of interest.

Head down and around until you reach a room with three zombies in it. Kill them and move to the left-hand tunnel. A new type of zombie will appear with red eyes and a much more decomposed body. They also move quickly like bolters. It is highly advised to use something better than a torch. You can get overrun easily. Boombait is great. There are approximately ten zombies.

John will notice they don't attack the young woman. She says they are his demons, not hers and that many of them died in a great battle on this site.

Continue down to the end of the tunnel where there are some columns. A bruiser will be waiting around the left corner so be ready. Kill it and move around the columns. At the far side a bolter will crawl out so kill that one too. Go all the way across (don't go down the ramp just yet) and around the corner. A zombie will rise ahead so kill it and then grab the Semi-auto Shotgun on top of the crate.

Are we there yet?

Now head down the ramp. After going through the next opening more zombies will rise from the ground. Kill them as more drop from the sides to take their place. There are approximately ten zombies. Around the next corner are two more. Kill them and move down.

A green mist is present past the next archway which should be a hint of what type of zombie to expect next. Enter and go to the right. A retcher will appear ahead. Kill it and more zombies will come around the corner. There are three retchers and three others. Kill them all and continue moving. Around the next right corner one last retcher appears at the far end. Kill it and grab the shotgun ammo on the small altar. Then go through the next archway.

Around the next left is a hallway leading up with another wave of zombies. Some appear near you and others appear at the top. There are approximately ten zombies. Wipe them out and go up. A couple more will run in so be ready. As you reach the corner a couple will rise up or run around too. There is more shotgun ammo on the small altar.

No receipt needed

Head down around the bend and into the final room with large columns where the altar is. In a cutscene the door gets locked behind John and the young woman. Zombies of all types will begin to rise from the ground around the large columns. Take them all out however you can. There are approximately ten zombies. After a quick break another wave of approximately ten will rise up. Clear the second wave and you are told to return the mask to the altar. There are large ammo crates on the left and right walls. The left one has a repeater and the right has a shotgun.

Walk towards the altar and a cutscene shows John walking up to the ledge below a stone face. John asks the young woman if she is sure. She tells John she is and that her name is Ayauhteotl (an Aztec goddess of mist and fame among others). John places the mask on the ledge and turns around to find that Ayauhteotl has disappeared although her voice rings out telling John that a horse is waiting for him and that he should go home. John exits the tomb.

The end of this mission leads into On a Pale Horse.


  • Remember to aim for a zombie's head for a quick kill. Retchers explode and can take out others (or you if you are too close).
  • Loot every zombie - preferably after clearing a section to make it easier.
  • Conserve ammo and Dead-Eye. Boombait and the use of dynamite are good tactics for taking out many zombies in one throw.
  • You can sprint to the catacombs without dealing with the zombies around the mansion.
  • It is possible to sprint through the whole passageway to the end. You'll still need to clear out all the zombies before the mission can continue but it can actually work in your favor as the zombies approach through the only opening. Boombait is yet again a great way to take out multiple zombies at once. When all the zombies from the tunnels are dead the cutscene will play as usual.