Mother Superior Blues

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Mother Superior Blues

With the dead refusing to stay dead, there might be a holy reason behind the plague. There's only one group of sisters that can help but they need a little help too.

Rewards: Holy Water

Nuns with attitude

A nun is found struggling with a zombie at the Las Hermanas train station. She manages to push away and grabs her gun for a perfect shot to the zombie's head. John asks if she is okay but the nun is more worried about sinning than almost being killed. She goes on to say how her nuns are doomed since they are not as inclined to resort to violence no matter the situation.

The nuns are locked in the church with zombies attacking them. John knows the nun needs his assistance to free them and agrees to help - and then makes a joke about Bill Williamson that goes over the nun's head. He walks off.

Jesus Marston

Run into the front gate of the convent and start killing the zombies within. Saving Las Hermanas is not short with nine circles to fill so there are plenty of zombies to take out. You can get up above the hordes but they will find ways to get up there with you. When the town is saved return to the nun.

John calls out "sister" as the nuns sitting nearby laugh. The nun says she is Mother Superior Calderon. After stating the bishop ate half the choir boys last week, she delves into what may be causing the zombie plague. Mother Superior is convinced it is something supernatural and would like a fresh zombie brought to her for an experiment.

Head out and find a normal undead. They are the slow ones with no special abilities. You should be able to find a normal zombie nearby easily. When you find one, hogtie it and bring it back to Mother Superior inside the convent entrance. Mother Superior tries dousing some holy water on the zombie and it appears to bring its life back for a few seconds before wearing off. She assumes her faith isn't strong enough and needs time to think. She mentions the dead rising from Sepulcro and once again John knows what he has to do. Mother Superior gives John Holy Water.

Dead Santa

Ride down the road to Sepulcro. Complete the cemetery clearing minigame with Vincent De Santa as the "boss". There are plenty of gravestones and short walls that can be used to dodge and outrun the zombies but you may still find it difficult. When the cemetery clearing is complete you are told that it may take time for Mother Superior to do her work and that you should help other survivors in the region.

Before the next part of the mission becomes available you must complete the two remaining side missions marked with a green "?" on your map. They are Filth and Other Entertainment & Biographies and Lies. After completing those return to Mother Superior who is now in the church of Las Hermanas.

As John walks up to the altar, a young nun exits with a very familiar face. She is the same young woman seen twice in Blackwater. John notices the familiar face and Mother Superior says the girl is supposedly from a holy order in Escalera. The girl also told Mother Superior that the plague was caused by Mexico's soon-to-be President Abraham Reyes who angered an ancient goddess and disturbed a temple in her honor. John decides to visit Reyes and walks off.

"Bad Voodoo" by The Kreeps will start playing as you ride off towards Escalera.


  • Remember to aim for a zombie's head for a quick kill. Retchers explode and can take out others (or you if you are too close).
  • In Las Hermanas you can get up above the zombies but they can find ways to get up there too. Sometimes you can camp at the top of a stair set (such as the southeast corner) and wait for the zombies to run up. Las Hermanas takes a while to save.
  • You should be able to find a normal undead easily in the fields across the tracks. If there is a group of zombies, you can lasso and drag your target away from the group to hogtie it without issue.
  • Sepulcro can also be time consuming. There are plenty of obstacles to separate you from the undead but this cemetery is still somewhat difficult. It is possible to sit in a corner (such as the northeast) and take out the zombies as they try to get around the walls.

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