A Cure For Most of What Ails You

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A Cure For Most of What Ails You

The second person of interest as to the cause of the plague is Nigel West Dickens. Like a good businessman he's still peddling miracles at high prices during a disaster.

Rewards: Undead Bait, Ammo, Survivalist Maps, Phosphorus Coating, Blunderbuss

You tell me

John enters the safe haven of Fort Mercer to find Nigel selling his tonic which is said to repel zombies. A bottle costs only 100 gold coins. Nigel attempts to use John's testimonial again but this time John does not go with it. After some convincing, Nigel decides to give away free bottles to the crowd before pulling John aside. Nigel says he's trying to run an honest business and that his stuff really works against zombies.

He takes John up some stairs and let's him watch a man walk out into the field of zombies. The man doesn't get very far before getting attacked. The elixir has the opposite effect but Nigel is sure he can cure the plague with more Desert Sage and Violet Snowdrop. John resists being his servant again but Nigel admits the problem and hands over a bottle. John sets out to find the mentioned plants.

Back to picking flowers

You'll need to find and pick the following:
  • 5 Desert Sage: Purple flowers, found in Gaptooth Ridge
  • 5 Violet Snowdrop: Purple Flowers, found in northern Tall Trees

After picking the plants return to Nigel who is now east of Fort Mercer. He's up on his wagon fending off a satisfied customer. John laughs at him before deciding to help the old man out. John hands over the plants and Nigel retrieves Phosphorus for him. Nigel needs one more thing: some old weapon parts at Riley's Charge. He has a plan and promises he's not wasting John's time. Nigel mounts up and heads out.


Go to Riley's Charge and pick up the parts. You shouldn't run into any major issues but be careful of zombie hordes. With the parts in hand, return to Nigel who is now out in Benedict Point. This time Nigel is hiding under his wagon. He admits he's not worried about the undead as much as the normal people. Nigel was just chased out of town and is being blamed for the plague.

Not wanting a noose around his neck, Nigel is heading to Mexico where things are supposedly better. John hands over the gun parts and Nigel trades over a Blunderbuss. John is not too happy with his reward but Nigel says it's a great gun since you can fire almost anything from it. Before leaving, Nigel tells John that he'll be in Solomon's Folly trying to find a way into Mexico since the borders are not as open as they used to be. The two part ways.

You are told it may take some time for Nigel to find a way into Mexico and to help other survivors in the region. You'll need to complete four side missions marked with a green "?" on your map before being able to continue the story missions. They are Birth of the Conservation Movement, Paternal Pride, Dinner for Two, and Missing Souls which is the introduction to the Missing Persons objective.


  • Fort Mercer is well protected and never comes under attack as a Safe Zone (although zombies are all around the outside of it). Boxes out front and ladders on the sides are the only access (the first cutscene being an exception). Missing Person missions can be found posted at the front gate later.
  • Desert Sage can be found in Gaptooth Ridge. South and west of Ridgewood Farm should have plenty. Look for a medium-sized bush and purple flowers. Violet Snowdrop can be found in the northern area of Tall Trees. Look for a small plant with purple flowers. Survivalist Maps can be found in your satchel under "Consumables".
  • Obtaining the parts at Riley's Charge shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

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