American Imperialism

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American Imperialism

Nigel West Dickens has found a way for John to get into Mexico but he'll need a disguise to ride the US Army's train. Zombies make everything difficult, though.

Rewards: U.S. Army Uniform

Back to paradise

As promised, Nigel is found in the ruins of Solomon's Folly with a small fire to keep him warm. He says he found a way into Mexico for John but not for himself. He explains that the US Army has a train leaving Benedict Point soon bound for Mexico. It's not clear whether things there are better or worse but it's definitely different.

Nigel also located some deserters out at The Scratching Post that might be able to lend John a uniform and help him blend in with the other soldiers fleeing the US. Being too experienced to act as a soldier, Nigel grabs his bag and heads out for adventure - possibly to Baghdad or back to Fort Mercer if he doesn't become a zombie. John sits for a little bit before leaving the ruins.


Ride to the deserter's camp. When you arrive you can either help the ex-soldiers fight off the zombies and get the uniform as a reward or run to the crate and steal it.
  • Help deserters: Wipe out two zombie waves and speak with the deserter. The chest will appear on your radar/mini-map.
  • Steal uniform: Fend off zombies and deserters shooting at you. The chest is unmarked on your radar/mini-map.

Which ever you choose, get the uniform in the chest located next to the fire and tent on the northeast side of the shack. A quick transition will change John's clothing. Now head to Benedict Point where the train is waiting. Upon arrival there are even more zombies to deal with.


Train to Hell, track 1

With the soldiers requesting your assistance, defeat the two waves of zombies and get to the train if needed. The captain complements your shooting and John gets on board right before the train takes off. You are back in control with John at the engine. He asks the captain what the Army is going to Mexico for and told they are supposed to be helping the Mexicans but more so to escape the US and steal what they can across the border.

After the conversation ends, more zombies begin to attack the train as "Dead Sled" by the Kreeps plays. Take out the zombies (especially the Retchers) as more appear along the ride. There is one small stretch along the river (marked above) when zombies line the tracks on both sides. Wipe out whoever you can.

The train will get away from the remaining zombies (if any) and head towards the bridge. Since the border was closed there is plenty of stuff blocking the tracks. The train will stop and the captain will tell everyone to move the debris. Unfortunately the delay allows the zombies to catch up. Eventually the captain yells at the men to fight.

More cowards

Take out the horde of zombies however you can. A few of the soldiers will retreat right away and the others won't last very long. One dynamite stick can wipe out all the zombies with ease. When most or all of them are dead, a few more will rise up from the ground. Kill them all and get back to the train. John is the only one left.

Release the brake in the engine and watch John ride the train into Mexico. The train smashes through the remaining barricade and stops at the end of the bridge. There is a tent on the Mexico side and your horse will be waiting next to it. You can now travel freely between the US and Mexico. If you walk to your horse and turn back the train will probably disappear. You are told to travel to Las Hermanas.


  • Remember to aim for a zombie's head for a quick kill. Retchers explode and can take out others (or you if you are too close).
  • It's quite easy to run in, steal the uniform, and run away. The ex-soldiers will be occupied by the zombies and you should be able to dodge their bullets.
  • Wiping out the zombies in the camp and train station is similar to saving towns. The second wave of zombies will rise from the ground similar to clearing graveyards. Try to headshot the rising dead as early as possible.
  • You can usually stand on the train and not do anything. You might need to watch out for Retcher spit, though. It is possible to ride out this part of the mission without helping in any way.
  • The easiest way to clear the zombies away from the stopped train is dynamite. Quickly toss a stick right at the middle of the horde and it can take them all out at once. Dynamite can be obtained by saving Gaptooth Breach or you can get lucky when looting a corpse.