Get Back in That Hole, Partner

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Get Back in That Hole, Partner

The first person of interest as to the cause of the plague is Seth and his glass eye. He hasn't changed one bit since we last saw him.

Rewards: None

Same old Seth

Seth is found at the Old Bacchus Place at the east end of the San Luis River. After spending so much time around the dead he is seemingly immune to zombie interests and plays cards with his former partner Moses Forth who has risen from the grave - much to John's surprise. Seth is unfazed by the zombie presence but gets very upset when he's told that folks are blaming him for it.

With Moses failing as an attack dog, Seth calms down but can't provide too much information about the cause of the plague. As a cure he suggests clearing the graveyards (or stop worrying and join the zombies). Seth gets back to his card game with Moses.


What the title says

You need to clear out the three cemeteries in New Austin marked with green skulls on your map:

Approach the area and burn the first coffin to start the cemetery clearing minigame. As the dead rise send them back to the underworld while trying to burn the other coffins marked on your radar. Each coffin yields ammo. Remember to always aim for the head and conserve Dead-Eye. When you get near the end, the "boss" zombie for the cemetery will appear. Kill it and the remaining zombies to complete the minigame.

You'll be introduced to "Bruisers" at Coot's Chapel which are tougher but slower zombies that can charge at you. "Bolters" and "Retchers" are introduced at Tumbleweed with the first being fast and the second having the ability to spit glowing globs of fun at you.

Clear all three cemeteries and return to Seth. By now he has set up a small dance party for his zombie friends. He dances with the lovely Mary Lou while holding the glass eye in his other hand. Clearing the cemeteries hasn't helped anything and John begins to lose his temper with Seth who ends up swallowing the glass eye. John's words finally get through to Seth and he says the plague has to do with the Aztecs or Incas - Mexico. He adds that every 200 years this land is doomed. Seth returns to his dance party and John walks off.


  • Seth's cabin becomes a save point after speaking with him.
  • For cemetery clearing, use your torch to fend off enemies as much as possible to save ammo and Dead-Eye. A good trick is to have the zombies chase you past a burning coffin so they ignite and slowly lose health before dropping to the ground. This works for the "boss" zombie as well. The gravestones make good obstacles for you to run around and gain distance from the zombies. Note that this is a very slow process for the advanced graveyards.