Curious Tales from Blackwater

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Curious Tales from Blackwater

John begins to dig into what's happening but does not get too many answers. A few old friends will need to be contacted as they might be the cause or know what it is.

Rewards: Torch, Repeater Carbine


Upon reaching Blackwater, your horse will stop just before the train tracks and John will dismount. Blackwater is empty with random fires and debris everywhere. Move on foot to the "U" marker.

When you approach the marker Professor MacDougal appears and is very glad to see John. He has returned to Blackwater for more research but now wants to leave the area as soon as possible. MacDougal says he is going to retrieve his bags and get Nastas who is down the lonely deserted street. Even though John opposes, MacDougal runs over but gets attacked by Nastas who is now a zombie.


Kill Nastas if you wish and continue to search the town for survivors. MacDougal will rise up so kill him too. Other zombies will now appear around town to be aware of your surroundings. Head to the next marker through the alleyway. A young woman is found hiding in a store. She is very scared and says that her dead mother is among those now walking around. After ranting about her personal life John decides to go to the source of the rising dead: the graveyard. The woman gives John a torch and wants him to burn her uncle Mordecai real good.

When hell is full...

Head to the Blackwater Cemetery (green skull icon) and the cemetery clearing minigame will start. Burn the first coffin and zombies will rise from the ground. Kill them all while trying to burn the other coffins marked on your radar. Remember to always aim for the head and conserve Dead-Eye. Each coffin torched yields ammo. When you get near the end, Mordecai Robbard will rise up as the "boss" zombie for the cemetery. Kill him and the remaining zombies to complete the minigame. You are rewarded with a Repeater Carbine.

One trick I found useful was to sprint around and torch all the coffins first. Then you can have the zombies chase you right past the burning coffins which will ignite them. They'll continue to chase you until they burn too long and finally die (again). This trick works with the "boss" zombie too. The gravestones provide plenty of obstacles to help keep the zombies away from you while running around.

Save the town

With the cemetery cleared, return to Blackwater and continue to search for survivors. In the pause menu map you will notice a hand icon representing the status of the town as "Under Attack". As you re-enter Blackwater gun shots are heard and a cinematic shows survivors on a rooftop yelling for help. You are instructed to help them lessen the undead presence in order to sleep here and explore more easily. Most of the zombies will come through the train station with others appearing on the street. This can change depending on your position and it's possible to lure zombies away from the survivors if needed.

Take out the zombies however you wish. Remember to conserve Dead-Eye and especially ammo. An ammo crate is provided on the second floor of the bank (west end of the northern plaza). Two circles and an empty bar appear at the top of the screen. Every five zombies killed will fill the bar which fills a circle (ten zombies total to fill the circles in this case). After the circles are filled, they flash and a final wave of undead will run at you. Wipe them out to save the town. In the pause menu map the hand icon has turned into a blue cross representing the status of the town as "Safe".

People is the craziest

Go to the next marker where a family is found on the roof of a small building. Clearly they are not enjoying the chaos. Take note of the young woman staying near the back. When asked about the situation, the mother blames the government and does not want to hear John's opinion before turning on her husband. John sees that he won't get much help here and decides to move on. The mother and father will continue to argue as you walk away.

Head into the green circle on your radar/minimap and go to yet another "U" marker in the small lot at the southern end of town. Another group of survivors is standing together around a barrel. Note the same young woman is among them. They are hostile towards John and fear he's a zombie (they've been fooled before... somehow). When asked about what's going on one of the women says it was the "freak with the glass eye" (Seth). One of the men blames "the snake oil fella" (Nigel West Dickens). There are other excuses but they are not of interest.

It is stated that New Austin is having a much worse time than Blackwater before the whole group finds something worth bickering about. John says farewell as a zombie quietly approaches the group from behind. It grabs one of the women as the rest scatter. After the cutscene it will likely come after you and be labeled a "Bolter" since it will scurry very quickly towards you. Kill it if needed and head out to find Seth and Nigel (both are "U" markers on your map).


  • You can usually outrun the undead if you do not wish to waste ammo or get caught by a group.
  • The torch takes three swipes to kill or getting close can produce an execution cinematic where John stabs it into the zombie's head. Simply igniting a zombie with a torch may not always be enough to slowly kill them and they'll need to be lit up again.
  • For cemetery clearing, the order of burning the coffins does not matter. Use your torch to fend off enemies as much as possible to save ammo and Dead-Eye. A good trick is to have the zombies chase you past a burning coffin so they ignite and slowly lose health before dropping to the ground. Like the torch, they might need to be reignited a second time to finish the job. This works for the "boss" zombie as well. The gravestones make good obstacles for you to run around and gain distance from the zombies.
  • When saving a town similar tactics can be used. Survivors aid in the fight but can cause you to miss headshots. You can attract zombies away from the survivors to take them all out more easily.