Welcome to the New World

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  • Do not fall behind while walking with the chain gang
  • Get 10 headshots

Welcome to the New World

Arthur cheats death and washes up on an island. It looks beautiful but below the surface it's not the tropical paradise Dutch had promised.

Rewards: Volcanic Pistol


Arthur awakens on a rocky beach. His vision is blurry. Help him get up and walk forward. The sounds of birds are heard all around. He falls to his knees but gets back up. Continue to move him along the beach. Eventually he falls again on some rocks. He recovers and looks up ahead. Lush green mountains in a tropical setting. He's not in the Heartlands anymore.

Search the coast for other survivors. As you move forward smoke is seen. Go to the smoke. Dutch, Bill, Micah, and Javier are sitting around a campfire. They are joyous to see Arthur and take him in. Later Arthur asks Dutch where they are. Guarma. An old sugar plantation according to a local that Javier talked to. It's near Cuba but on the way to Australia or Tahiti.

As they talk a group of armed men arrive. Dutch - now Aiden O'Malley - says they were lost at sea. The armed men put Dutch and the others in chains. The leader of the group says they have enough problems going on. If they cooperate nothing will happen to them.

Walk with the others in the chain gang. The leader is Levi Simon and works for Alberto Fussar. They are the third largest sugar plantation in the northern Caribbean Islands. They are having issues with labor and thieves including Haitian pirates. Simon will let Dutch and the men go as soon as he finds out who they are. They will be taken care of in the meantime. Simon tells the guards to escort them to the jail along with another group. He then rides off.

Making friends

The other group is comprised of people who were trying to commit insurrection. They all get chained together and continue to walk. Coming around a cove, gun shots ring out. A few of the guards get taken down. Arthur grabs keys from one of them and gets free. He then grabs a pistol and takes cover behind a rock.

Shoot the remaining guards. When they are dead Dutch checks on his men. All are okay. Dutch then sees reinforcements coming from the other side of the cove. A man in the trees behind them yells to come with him. As they turn to run Javier get shots in the leg. Outnumbered, the decision is made to leave him. They run through the trees as the guards follow.

The group comes to some ruins. The leader says he has guns stashed and hands them out. Arthur gets a Bolt Action Rifle and finds cover behind a wall. Take out the guards. There are four of them across the front and left side with more coming up the hill on the right. Explosive crates are inside the structure ahead if you want to go that route. When most of them are dead the last one will flee.

Five cent tour

The leader tells them to follow him into the trees. He introduces himself to Dutch as Hercule Fontaine. Dutch introduces the others. The other man in the group - Leon - says Fussar works his laborers to death in order to make himself rich. Leon is trying to save the workers but they are too afraid to fight. Hercule is not from here. He merely moves things on and off the island behind Fussar's back.

They rest on a hill and Hercule points out Aguasdulces which is Fussar's compound for the sugar processing factory. Leon says the people working it are slaves from other islands. A group escaped into the woods recently and Fussar's men are hunting them down. Fort Cinco Torres out on the water is Hercule's hideout. Hercule will help Dutch and his men get a boat off the island but he wants them to help Leon with the escaped workers first and then meet him at the fort. If Javier is alive he will be kept at Fussar's compound. A cave below the cliffs leads to it.

Hercule leaves the men in a destroyed building deep in the forest. Dutch begins dividing duties but Arthur convinces him they should rest. Micah will keep guard as the others sleep. Arthur wakes up later and you are free to roam around. You have no items but there are some around the camp. A Volcanic Pistol and Double-Barreled Shotgun along with ammo are off to the east side.

Gold Tips

  • Simply hold the analog stick forward to keep Arthur moving. You can move him side-to-side a little but his movements are slow to react.
  • There are 4 guards to headshot on the beach. Get them quickly before the others do. You'll have around 10 more chances at the ruins in the woods. Again, you'll need to be quick. Note the game can mess up while in cover behind the wall and not allow Arthur to aim or fire.